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US – Interior decoration with retro curtains has become the new trend for many home owners. Several consumers have shown interest in online curtain sale . has introduced a new range of retro curtains along with the other curtain sections on the site. The site exclusively focuses on interior curtain decoration. Some popular sections of the site are bedroom curtains, French curtains, Energy saving curtains and cute curtains. The site has put on display curtains of varying colors. Site officials have also hinted on introducing several new designs on colored curtains. has also replenished stocks of retro curtains. Buyers can now choose among numerous textiles, designs and colors in vintage curtains . Curtain Home Sale is giving away hefty discounts on the pieces listed under this section. The Pink and White Polka Dots Curtains, which are ideal for living rooms, are available at about $40. The lace rimmed variation of the same curtain is available in the same price range. Mexican styled vintage drapes are also marked with discount. In the vintage sheets section, users might also avail special living room curtains for girls and kids. The Cotton Red Polka Dots curtain is one among these.

The site has also launched a collection of curtains that impart a fresh look to the room. Site officials have tipped these curtains as ideal for livingrooms and study rooms. The Fresh Blue and White Polka Dots curtains represent this category. Curtain Home Sale has also launched several elegant embroidery curtain pieces. The site has also introduced several eco-friendly friendly curtains as part of the latest collection.

The owner of recently spoke to the media about the latest collection on the site: “We have introduced several new designs in our latest collections. There are also several other designs that we are planning to introduce shortly.”

“We have received several positive feedback from our site patrons. This is just the kind of confidence we needed. Our customers can now avail of hefty discounts as a part of the ongoing sale at our site.”

About the Company is a noted online curtains dealer. The site has recently launched a new collection of vintage beside the other popular sections of the site. Most products are available under hefty discounts.

The new range of curtains at the site can be seen at

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