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Cutting edge leader in ERP offers five distinct technology enabled solutions

Cutting edge leader in ERP offers five distinct technology enabled solutions

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Technology has emerged to be the trend setter for businesses across the board. From startup firms to market giants, the focus on adopting technology into everyday work routine and, to handle future requirements has become imperative to achieving sustainability.

Supporting this shift in attitude to embracing technology as the foundation for success, Omnix International, brings to its patrons, technology enabled services geared towards offering business convenience and excellence.

The company which is a cutting edge leader in Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) is also a name to be reckoned with in the fields of information management , business intelligence, network security, business process management and so on. All these fields fall into five distinct service areas which are a part of the core operations performed by the company. These entail:

– Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
– Professional Audio Visual Integrated systems (PROMEDIA)
– Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS)
– Enterprise Networking Solutions (ENS)
– Public Services Solutions (PSS)

Through these five service areas Omnix International helps industries such as healthcare, Telecommunication, Education, Hospitality etc. to meet their respective goals in offering quality service.

Omnix International, in its many years of services has built mutual relations with several government bodies involving high profile clients. The depth of experience and expertise that this company shares with the business community and the public in general has helped fuel growth and prosperity in the city.

While the company continues to make many milestones, it provides its clients 360 degree business solutions focusing on extending business intelligence and diligence. It is here, clients, companies and businesses can find everything they need as far as meeting technological needs go. Through digital signage , 3d printing and other high end corporate services, businesses can establish a brand identity that is unique and innovative.

About Omnix International:

Founded in the year 1987, the company today has expanded to cities like Dubai (HQ), Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Dammam), Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan. With over 800 professionals working hard to serve the public and private sectors across the MENA region, the company has emerged to be the most preferred technology solutions provider in the area.

Services and technology solutions offered by the company cover business needs ranging from the most basic to the most impactful. To know more about the company and peruse through its elaborate list of services, please log onto http://omnix.sa/

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