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Cycling Fusion Chosen As Preferred Provider

Cycling Fusion Chosen As Preferred Provider

The University of Delaware has chosen Cycling Fusion to be their preferred certification for Indoor Cycling Instructors.

Pittsburgh, PA, August 06, 2015 — The first bike-­‐independent Indoor Cycling (often mistakenly referred to as Spinning®) Instructor education continues to gain momentum and credibility in a very fragmented industry. After completing the full day, cycling-­‐specific Level 1 Essentials workshop, (which includes two demonstrated practical master classes), students have the option of taking an on-­‐line exam for certification. For the last two years, they have also been the only certification program recognized and endorsed by USA Cycling; the governing body of the sport of Cycling in the    U.S.

Between    the cost of travel, and    convenience of on-­‐line education, this is clearly an idea whose time has come.    While this on-­‐line offering was a big hit from the day it was launched, the company hasn’t stopped doing face-­‐to-­‐face workshops as well, with one booked for almost every weekend this fall around the country (including Oct. 11th at the University of Delaware). This has been enabled by their growth in Master Instructors whom have each completed all 3 levels of instructor certification, have submitted a video for review/critique to the Cycling Fusion headquarters, and who have a command of their instructor App Class Builder®.

The Essentials Workshop & Certification course is a comprehensive program containing more than 6 hours of instruction including 2 Master classes with USA Elite level cycling coach and founder of Stage5 Cycling, Tom Scotto. Mr. Scotto’s reputation as the standard bearer of Master Instruction, who both teaches and coaches equally well in both the Indoor and Outdoor cycling communities, is well known with indoor and outdoor riders alike.

“We acknowledge the superior nature of Cycling Fusion’s certification process, and appreciate the extensive research and expertise that this company contributes to the fitness field. As the Fitness Coordinator, I am excited to partner with Cycling Fusion to provide the highest level of indoor cycling training for our staff members. I am looking forward to hosting many certifications and seminars with this company.” Said Whitney Coleman Potts, recreational and fitness department at the University of Delaware.

The Industry Is Changing
Seven years ago, Cycling Fusion wrote their Manifesto calling on the manufacturers to begin putting Power meters on their stationary bikes, and providing training tools that outdoor cyclists are accustomed to using. While many facilities are still using bikes created prior to 2008, most new bikes now do come with computer consoles with a great deal of training tools. Consequently Cycling Fusion has created three separate workshops for each major facet of cycling training. These are progressive and inter-­‐related courses, providing for consistent and motivational growth opportunities for Instructors as they gain more experience and wish to establish greater mastery at each level. Level 2 is all about Heart Zones® and cardiovascular development and then Level 3 is Power Training and how to pull all of these training tools together when faced with a sea of information on these new commercial bikes” said Tom Scotto, Director of Education & Sportif, Cycling Fusion. “Having one full day on each topic is crucial since this gives us the needed time to cover not only the most critical safety and form topics, but this allows us to go into more depth on the latest technology and techniques to take them to the professional level.”

For more information on The Level 1: Essentials Workshop for Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification and other resources for Indoor Cycling Instructors, please check the Instructor section of the company website, or contact (Joey Stabile) at 844-­‐FUSION-­‐0 or (844-­‐387-­‐4660) or (

About Cycling Fusion:
Cycling Fusion provides training, certification and class building tools for cycling instructors, and offers complete remote cycling programs for health clubs. Cycling Fusion offers a comprehensive set of tools and services that optimize outdoor cycling with expert indoor training anytime, anywhere. With the expertise of world-­‐class cycling coaches built into its exclusive technology, Cycling Fusion offers digital classes, virtual rides, rider educational workshops and streaming videos for indoor cyclists. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cycling Fusion’s goal is to provide everything a cyclist needs indoors, to improve their riding outdoors. To learn more visit

Joey Stabile
Cycling Fusion
367 Plum st, Floor 2
Oakmont, PA, 15139

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