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Cycling Fusion, The Tour de Cure, and Diesel Club Lounge Set To Dance On The Pedals For Charity

Cycling Fusion, The Tour de Cure, and Diesel Club Lounge Set To Dance On The Pedals For Charity

On December 1st at 6:30pm, the Tour De Cure & Cycling Fusion will launch their 2016 charity ride with the premiere of Rockin’ Rollers – another new virtual cycling DVD used in winter training for cyclists and indoor riders. This year’s venue is the most popular dance & night club in the city; the Diesel Club Lounge. The 2016 tour will be held both indoors and outdoors in 2016 in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, DC, Cleveland and Chicago.

Pittsburgh, PA, November 05, 2015 — Cycling Fusion, bringing indoor and outdoor cycling together, today announced that the Diesel Club Lounge has graciously provided their DJ and dance floor for the first ever virtual cycling event to be held in a night club on Tuesday, December 1st at 6:30pm with an after-party to follow the ride till 11:00pm.

This event is another first from local long-time entrepreneur Gene (Gino) Nacey, who is using his cycling training company to generate contributions for the American Diabetes Association’s 2016 Tour de Cure. For as little as $20 per hour, anyone can participate in the 2 hour ride where you’ll be “dancing on the pedals” for a good cause.

This event also kicks off the promotional efforts to get both indoor-only and outdoor cyclists to train together this winter for the same event. Both venues (indoors and out) will simultaneously hold their Tour de Cure fund raising ride during the summer of 2016 in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, DC, Cleveland and Chicago.

Cycling Fusion has a reputation for helping beginners and intermediates move from “exercising” on the bike to “training” for bike events or competition. The programs are designed to be conducted indoors via either live web-casts, or on-demand videos of cycling instructors and coaches leading and teaching bicyclists how to train. Both commercial facilities and single individuals may access their content, whether in a room full of riders on stationary “spin bikes” or in an individual’s basement on a bike with a trainer.

“We are very excited to be holding this event at Diesel. I’ve danced there, done Yoga there, and now will be spinning there! I just love how this company wants to be a part of the community in so many unique ways. We are also excited that this year our multi-city partnership with the Tour de Cure will begin with these other cities joining us remotely to kick their season off as well. said Gene Nacey, CCO and founder of Cycling Fusion.

Cycling Fusion will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the 2016 Cycling Fusion Tour de Cure team. Last year Cycling Fusion raised more than $10,000 and with the expansion to multiple cities in 2016, this fund raising should be well exceeded. In fact, Cycling Fusion has agreed to contribute $100 to any rider’s fund raising account if they sign up to ride in the 2016 Tour de Cure and participate in the 12 week Winter Training program, on the night of the event.

As an integral part of the fund raising strategy is the assistance in training Cycling Fusion will provide with their nationally recognized 12 week Winter Training program. This program will be held at multiple Indoor Cycling studios and health clubs throughout each of the participating cities from January through March of 2016. It has been considered the key to a successful riding season by every level of rider who has taken the program.

“The structured training, with its slow, steady and scientific approach, sets this 12 week program apart from every other training system I have been involved with. It literally works for every level of rider from beginner to competitive rider. said Joe Stabile, Co-Chairman of the 2016 Pittsburgh Tour de Cure.

The 2016 Tour De Cure will be held on July 17th starting at Seneca Valley High School. It is one of the most forgiving charity rides of significant length with multiple routes from 10 miles to 100 miles.

“We were blown away by the work Cycling Fusion did in 2015 with forming the biggest team of outdoor riders, raising over $10,000 and creating an entirely new event for the indoor-only riders. Now with this Virtual Charity Ride option and Winter Training in multiple cities in 2016, we see their impact on supporting the vital work of the ADA going to the next level for sure.” said OFFICIAL person from ADA.

Click here to sign up for the Diesel Club Indoor Virtual Cycling Event :

Click here to sign up for more information about Winter Training :

Click here to sign up to ride in the The Tour De Cure :

Joe Stabile
Cycling Fusion
One Alpha Drive E
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

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