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Davidoff Limited Edition Cigars in Different Flavors

Davidoff Limited Edition Cigars in Different Flavors

This cigar is a pleasure to smoke is how cigar enthusiasts use to describe the product line of Davidoff that is making premium quality cigars using tobaccos from different regions. Davidoff is a house of cigars since 19th century and it is continuously evolving its product line to capture the cigar market.

Today Davidoff has more cigars to offer than any other manufacturer but some of its products have simply outperformed. Davidoff Grand Cru Cigar is one such product that is now considered an epitome of luxury. Enthusiasts have mentioned this specific product in many ways like a kiss of spice, nutty profile and sweet finish. The Grand Cru design is a pack of five pieces of various lengths and it comes in an elegant wood packing. But for enthusiasts, it is available in a pack of 25 pieces.

For how long are you smoking cigars. Those who love smoking cigars know value of special edition pieces that brands keep launching from time to time. In fact, they wait for launch of exclusive range that contain more complex blend of tobacco or an all-new flavor they’ve never tasted before. Davidoff also has an exclusive range for those, who appreciate touch and flavor.

Davidoff Limited Edition cigars show the craftsmanship for which this house is cigar is known and also these exclusive pieces pack the finest of tobaccos and other ingredients needed for making cigars. The Limited Edition products are launched once a year and these pieces have their own art and culture. Only a limited number of pieces are produced and all the pieces are bought as soon as they’re launched.

There are many manufacturers of cigars and together these manufacturers provide a wide range of cigars but not all the brands and products can be called a luxury to smoke. It is only a few brands including Davidoff that have the credit for providing finest quality cigars to enthusiasts. Davidoff has a good line of flavors to offer and every flavor is unique. This brand knows how to produce different flavors even when the ingredients are same.

Davidoff Millennium Robusto Cigar is also a popular product. It is for high concentration of Piloto tobacco that leaves a strong chocolaty flavor once smoked. Average smoking time of a piece of this cigar is 45 minutes and the users feel contented after smoking a full length cigar for half-an hour. The Millennium Robusto piece comes in different packing ranging from a pack of three cigars to a box with 25 pieces.

If you want to change your favorite brand for a short time then this product would be the best. Buy a pack of 3 cigars and enjoy it whenever free or need break from work. But the Davidoff product line doesn’t end here as there are more flavors to explore. This house of cigars is producing cigars since long time and it understands needs of cigar enthusiasts. Davidoff Nicaragua cigar is another product that can tickle your taste buds with pepper notes and spices and a sweet finish.

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