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De La Porte: Providing Expert Property Solutions

De La Porte: Providing Expert Property Solutions

Are you looking for properties? Are you confused regarding the most effective way to manage your properties? Then all you need to do is contact De La Porte property group. De La Porte Property Group (or DLP) was founded in 1998 and is based in Cape Town.

They offer a vast range of services. The company has an impressive list of satisfied customers that they have served. They take pride in the extensive knowledge and experience they have gained in the property sector.

What they offer
As property broking specialists, they offer selling and leasing of industrial, office and retail property. Their property broking sections consist of expert consultants who help clients with investment property sales, property consulting, project and development marketing etc.

DLP provides services like landlord and tenant representation, property development facilitation and recycling of distressed buildings.

As property management specialists, they offer management services for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Why choose DLP:

  • DLP has an extensive knowledge of the property sectors in the greater Cape Town.
  • They are one of the most experienced and leading estate agents in Cape Town.
  • DLP values their clients very much and they tailor their services to meet the client needs.
  • They analyse the physical, financial and relationship aspects while managing residential, industrial and commercial properties in Cape Town to enhance the overall value of the property.
  • De La Porte Property Group is a renowned name in Cape Town rentals with a huge referral network which proves to be beneficial for the property investors. Being constantly active in the property sector has helped them to accumulate a huge number of current and prospective tenants who can come and reside on your property as tenants.
  • DLP provides all the assistance and help that might be required after the tenant is placed.
  • They also have the necessary contacts and tools to ensure timely repair, manage advertising etc.
  • Having an advanced technological support system helps them to manage the leasing process in the best way possible.
  • They have high work ethics, and are highly responsive and trained to respond to the needs of their clients. They proactively work towards maximising their clients’ profit by minimising the days for which the property remains vacant.
  • With a proven track record in property sales, they can be relied upon for both the selling and purchasing of properties.

To know more about the company and the services they offer, visit their website:

About the company:

De La Porte Property Group is a property company providing lease, sale and property renting services in the greater Cape Town. They also provide property management services. It was founded in 1998.

Unit 16 Platinum Junction, School Street,
Milnerton, 7441, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: 0215519777
Mobile: 0826503322
Fax: 0866853131

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