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DEEP OSCILLATION® Appears Extensively In The Latest German Lymphological Information Service Online Booklet On Lipoedema

DEEP OSCILLATION® Appears Extensively In The Latest German Lymphological Information Service Online Booklet On Lipoedema

The Lipödemportal was created to give Lipoedema sufferers, Doctors, Therapists and all those interested a solid knowledge of Lipoedema; the problems associated with it, as well as the treatment options.

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, September 04, 2015 — At the end of August the German Lymphological Information Service published an excellent advice booklet for women, doctors and therapists on the subject of Lipoedema on their website Besides in-depth information on this comparatively little-known, yet widespread disease, conservative and operative therapies are also considered in detail. Within this context DEEP OSCILLATION® (Tiefenoszillation) is mentioned extensively.

A special emphasis is placed on the good possibilities for its use: thanks to its gentle application, therapists no longer have to compromise by taking into account their patients’ pain symptoms. The various structures are stimulated by ‘electrostatic attraction and friction producing a gentle vibration…This method stimulates deep tissue, encouraging the latter’s own active oscillation in a gentle manner.’ For a transcripted version of this information click here.

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DEEP OSCILLATION®, developed by Physiomed Elektromedizin in Germany is an internationally patented therapeutic design which utilizes the forces of pulsed electrostatic attraction and friction to provoke oscillations, which act deeply on the tissues of the body from the epidermis down through the conjunctive and adipose layers and into the muscles. Hernandez Tapanes et al (2010) were able to prove, by diagnostic ultrasound, penetration of the oscillations up to an 8cm depth (see diagram). Observed physiological effects of the therapy include oedema resorption – Jahr S Et Al (2008) The therapy also limits the production of inflammatory mediators, especially during the treatment for chronic pain and more so during the treatment of fibromyalgia – Janik, H. et al (2010) strengthening of the cutaneous tissues – Korkina Et Al (2007), stimulation of the wound healing process Mikhalchik E, Et Al (2005), Trybulski R (2008).

The DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Sports is used by Lipoedema patients, where appropriate, for self management in the UK/Ireland following a successful treatment outcome with an MLD DLT Practitioner listed on the PhysioPod® Therapist Register on the website. For more information see FAQ in article.

Feed Back:
“I have both Lipoedema and Fibromyalgia and thought the PhysioPod could help with pain management. I am very pleased to say that it certainly has, not only has it helped with pain but there have also been additional benefits, such as less swelling in my legs and an increase in energy after using it. This is perhaps what I like best about the Physiopod, it makes me feel less sluggish and full of beans. I would recommend that you always have a lesson on how to use it from your MLD therapist as PhysioPod™ UK Ltd recommend as you will get the best out of it. My MLD therapist was so impressed that she is considering purchasing a Physiopod to use when making client home visits. I can’t thank Physiopod, Mary and Julie enough for bringing this to my attention and for their excellent customer service and ongoing customer support” Caroline, UK.

About PhysioPod® UK Ltd:
PhysioPod® UK Ltd is directed by Sisters, Julie Soroczyn and Mary Fickling who exclusively supply the UK and Ireland with internationally patented DEEP OSCILLATION® electrostatic massage therapy. Non-invasive, non-traumatic, electrostatic impulses are delivered (without pressure, saving the clinicians hands via vinyl gloves or applicator heads. DEEP OSCILLATION® permeates an 8 cm tissue and it is fast becoming the tool of choice for Lymphoedema and Lipoedema, treatment and management, with patients self-managing with the personal unit. PhysioPod® UK Limited are approved NHS Suppliers.

Mary Fickling
PhysioPod® UK Limited
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Daybrook, Nottingham, NG5 6AS
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