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Dentistry at its Innovative Best

Dentistry at its Innovative Best

Teeth are the valuable asset for almost every living creature. Teeth are the main weapons which people and animals use to break down solid food into small particles and mix them with saliva before swallowing. The smaller size of the food particles together with the saliva, enable the stomach enzymes to digest it and dissolve the nutrients into our bloodstream. Biological blabber aside, teeth is an important part of our anatomy. White, sparkling teeth add to our social prestige, a toothy smile helps in expressing warmth, mirth and congenial feelings. Hence, it goes without saying that most of us want to take good care of our teeth. And Rudy’s Dentistry is dedicated to exactly that; — helping people get the best dental care at perfectly affordable rates.

The services offered at Rudy’s are multi-faceted; they include, but are not limited to: teeth restoration and filings, dental sealing, tooth extraction, scaling, polish, crowns and bridges, denture setting (partial and full), RCT (root canal), teeth whitening and other miscellaneous services that fall under the purview of orthodontics.  Let’s expand on these terms a bit:

Filings and Restoration: It is a structure which is made from restorative material, with the main aim of restoring the function and structure of a missing tooth or tooth body part. Many a times, tooth filing or dental restoration is done by using dental implants.

Dental Sealants: These are very thin coatings which fill deep groves and furrows in teeth and are often found to be the den of bacteria where germs are nurtured and have a decaying influence on teeth. In order to prevent this, sealant coatings are applied on the surface of the teeth. This is done mostly on children aged six to eight.

Tooth Extraction: This is a pretty straightforward procedure by which decaying, broken, loose or otherwise damaged tooth/teeth are extracted from the mouth. It is a kind of surgery, one of the most uncomplicated ones.

Tooth Scale and Polish: This is a cleaning-out procedure, which helps in removing the hard grimy layer from teeth, which somewhat resembles the scale inside kettles and tea-pots. It also involves cleansing the teeth of food residue particles and plaque, which can be a happy breeding ground for pathogens of all kinds.

Dental Bridges and Crowns: These are tooth prosthetics, which are usually custom-made and mainly used to restore teeth with. Crowns are used to fit over the tooth structure, and bridges usually fill up gaps rendered by the missing tooth.

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About Innovative Dentistry:
Innovative Dentistry is the website of Ruby’s Dentistry services based in Western Cape, South Africa. It houses the best dentists in Cape Town.

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