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Describing for the LED Spotlight and LED floodlights

Describing for the LED Spotlight and LED floodlights

China – Currently, the conventional used LED Spot Lights are usually in 1W high. However, there are also a few companies such as FULLWELL LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED releases the 3W LED such as T8 LED tube as their excellent cooling technology. In general, the LED Spot lights are suitable for the lighting in the large area occasions and building.

The reason why the LED Spot light could be used for larger occasion lighting shall be concluded into following aspects.

First, the high purity aluminum reflector on the LED spot light could let the beam light has most accurate reflection effect.

Second, the symmetric narrow-angle, wide angle and asymmetrical light distribution system also contribute to enhance the lighting effect.

Thirdly, the backward open type replacing structure of the LED Spotlight from can better ease the maintenance method for this product.

Fourthly, some of these spotlights also have the scale plate lamps which help people easy to adjust the illumination angle.

By the application of the built microchips in LED flood light, this lighting product could be applied in small engineering areas to achieve the related lighting effects such as gradual changing, transition, color flashes, random flashing and other without manual operation. On the other hand, this lighting product shall also achieve the chasing and scanning result by the controlling via DMX. Currently, the main application areas for these LED Spotlights such as T8 LED tube 120cm include the single building, historical buildings lighting, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard, specialized medical lighting, bars, discos and other entertainment atmosphere lighting.

LED floodlights shall be one kind of lighting fixture which could possible to exposure lighting very uniform to all directions. Indeed, the illuminated area of the Portable rechargeable led flood light can be adjusted into many scenes. As the good lighting effect of floodlights, it makes it become one of the most widely used light source illuminate the entire scene in the effect drawing.

During the effect photo taking, the LED Floodlights can be placed to anywhere of the scene. For example, it could be putted into the outside areas of the camera or the inside areas of objects. In the scene of the photo taking, using different colors floodlights at different distance is very common and effective.


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