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Desiccant Wheel Market – Wheel for Improved Latent Energy Recovery

Desiccant Wheel Market – Wheel for Improved Latent Energy Recovery

Desiccant is a type of material which draws and holds the moisture from the air or vapor. A desiccant can be a liquid or solid. Desiccant wheel is a circular structure with impregnated desiccant material. These desiccant materials are used depending on the percentage of relative humidity (%RH). A desiccant wheel is often used in commercial applications such as refrigerated warehouse, ice rinks, supermarkets, hospitals, and cooling systems to remove moisture from air. These wheels are primarily used for dehumidification without the use of refrigeration. In addition, desiccant wheels are widely used for energy recovery methods. Furthermore, desiccant wheel also helps to control the humidity effectively, and efficiently in Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Similarly, desiccant wheel finds application in various industrial processes such as drying, cooling, and heating processes. A key market player, Semco, LLC introduced a fast acting, and corrosion resistant unitary wheel cassette (UWC) desiccant wheel for improved latent energy recovery. Furthermore, with enhancing desiccant technology, small gas fired or hot water regenerated desiccant equipment are currently being used to control humidity. Another development in this technology was made by NovelAire Technologies, which provides a twin wheel system in which a desiccant wheel is used for dehumidification, and a sensible wheel for heat exchange. 

The demand for desiccant wheel is increasing due to insufficient dilution of contaminants produced within the building. The acceptance of desiccant wheels is increasing widely to improve the indoor air quality. In addition, the need to control humidity is increasing across various spaces such as supermarkets, and hospitals. Furthermore, a desiccant wheel improves comfort, saves energy, and prevents formation of corrosion, and mildew. All these associated benefits are expected to help drive the growth of global desiccant wheel market over the forecast period. However, the complexity of desiccant wheel system, and performance of desiccant material used in the wheel are the major challenges in the adoption of desiccant wheel. Furthermore, in some applications such as solar collectors, high thermal energy is required to regenerate the desiccant wheel. In addition, the high cost of desiccant wheel is expected to restrain the growth of desiccant wheel market.

The desiccant wheel market is segmented by desiccant material type, application, and geography. By desiccant material type, the desiccant wheel market is segmented into silica gel desiccant (WSG) type, zeolite type, lithium chloride type, and others (Molecular Sieve (LT3), Aluminum, etc. Based on application, the desiccant wheel market is segmented into pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, electronics, HVAC, and others (supermarkets, hospitals, etc.). Based on geography, the desiccant wheel market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. Among these regions, North America and Europe have been witnessing high growth in the desiccant wheel market due to increased demand for indoor air quality in multiple applications, and increased requirement for cooling systems from the manufacturing sector. In addition, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa regions are expected to witness large scale adoption of desiccant wheel technology due to increasing demand for humidity control in industrial processes, and rising usage of energy recovery technologies.

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With developing need for desiccant wheels in various applications, multiple manufacturers have introduced improved and effective desiccant wheels in the market. The major players in the desiccant wheel market include NovelAire Technologies, Conair Group, Novatec, Inc., Munters AB, Greenheck Fan Corporation, DRI USA, Trane, Inc., Desiccant Technologies Group, Flow Dry Technology, Inc., Lennox International, Inc., Semco LLC, and Siemens AG.

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