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Device Tracker for iPhone & iPad ( Track and Locate your iPhones and iPads on the Web )

Device Tracker for iPhone & iPad ( Track and Locate your iPhones and iPads on the Web )


A real GPS tracker for your iPhone or iPad. Using this app you can track your iPhone or iPad anytime and anywhere from the web

Keep a track of your device’s location history and check it on the web anytime!
If the phone is lost you can track it. If it is out of battery or turned off, you will still have its last known location before the phone lost power.


We want to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with our app. If you run into any issues, have any questions or want to make any suggestion for product improvement, please send an email to our worldwide customer support irfanfarooqi1234@gmail.com and we will be happy to provide an excellent customer support to you.

* One of the apps that makes iPhone, iPad or iPod worth the price *

This application can be used to locate a misplaced iPhone or for family members to see each other’s locations. To track your family members, the app must be installed on the target each person’s iPhone, iPad or iPod.

The location of the device is available online and can be viewed by logging into your account from any computer or phone that has an internet browser.


* Very Easy-to-Use. Designed for everyone’s use, NOT just for techies.
* Locate your iPhone or iPad anywhere with an accuracy of 35 feet
* Track upto five devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod) simulatenously from the web
* See the location record of your iPhone/iPad for the past 48 hours
* Completeley integrated with Google Maps. You can use satellite maps or street map view.
* For every tracked location, you can see the picture of the place, get the driving directions or find nearby places on the web.
* Ability to send location even when the application is not running or in the background.
* Ability to cache locations when network is not available to retransmit later. Great for camping or traveling around the world.

Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/pk/app/device-tracker-for-iphone/id499696486?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

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