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Di Nitro Toluene Market: 10-Year Market Forecast and Trends Analysis Research Report

Di Nitro Toluene Market: 10-Year Market Forecast and Trends Analysis Research Report

Di nitro toluene is an organic compound pale yellow in colour, solid crystalline in nature and is also called as precursor to trinitrotoluene and is mainly produced as precursor to toluene diisocynate. Di nitro toluene does not naturally occur in the environment. It is usually produced by mixing toluene with nitric and sulphuric acid. It is notomatic explosive that exist in six isomers: 2, 4- and 2, 6-DNT are the two major forms of the chemical. The other four forms (2, 3-DNT, 2, 5-DNT, 3-4-DNT, and 3, 5-DNT) make up only 5% of the technical grade. Di nitro Toluene mixtures is mainly used in the production of polyurethane polymers. DNT is considered toxic to most organisms chronic exposures may result in organ damage.

Di Nitro toluene Market: Drivers & Restraints

Increasing demand for polyurethane foam is anticipated to boost the demand for Dinitrotoulene during the upcoming years. Major drivers of polyeurathane market are regulations and energy efficiency (for rigid foam installation), an increasing world population, especially a rising middle class in emerging markets, and increased use of refrigeration.

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Di Nitro toluene needs to be handled very carefully and is considered as major hazardour chemical; due to its highly toxic and carsogenic nature. Use of Dinotroloulene in manufacturing of munitions and other chemical products have contributed to extensive soil and groundwater contamination. It is expected to remain in water for a long time because of its relatively low volatility and moderate water solubility unless broken down by light oxygen or biota

Di Nitro toluene Market- Segmentation

Dinitroluene is very toxic and carcinogenic in nature hence modern formulations tend to avoid its usage. Most DNT is used in the production of touluene disocyanate which is used to produce polyeurathane foam. DNT is hydrogenated to manufacture 2, 4 toluenediamine which in turn is phosgeneted to give toluene di isocyanate. Other applications of Di nitro luene include in that of production of  explosive for which it works as gelatinizing , and waterproofing agent and as an intermediate in dye processes and in smokeless gunpowder, herbicides, plastics and in automobile airbags.

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Regional Overview

China is expected to be the largest market for Di Nitro toluene market followed by North America and Western Europe. Regionally, Asia pacific is estimated to consumer, more than 50% of the Dinitroluene China being a major consumer, followed by North America and Europe

Di Nitro toluene Market: Key Players

Major manufacturers of Dinitroluene include BASF AG, BOC Sciences, Crescent Chemicals, Lanxess Corporation, Biddle Sawyer Corporation, Haihang Company Industry Ltd., International labortary USA, Health Chemicals Co. Ltd,.

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