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DirectorySpot Brings Innovation To Education Sector

DirectorySpot Brings Innovation To Education Sector

29, November 2016: DirectorySpot is an online directory that seeks to help local organizations and groups stay connected. The basic idea is to provide local groups directory tools to run those groups more efficiently.

The founders of the company began their journey back in 2010. They realized that technology had moved on considerably over the decade prior. They wondered whether technology could be used to create better directories for education. Technology, as they saw it, had the potential to make education greener and more convenient.

The company began by trialing its digital directory in a local school. It proved to be so popular among parents and administrators that six other schools soon followed suit. From there, DirectorySpot grew and grew. Now it’s branched out to other sectors, helping churches and community groups get connected through the power of technology.

How DirectorySpot Works

DirectorySpot has different uses in different settings, but the basic principles remain the same. In schools, for instance, DirectorySpot helps both parents and teachers get the information they need. Parents and educators can use DirectorySpot to review the school calendar, see class lists and include sponsors. The app also allows admin staff to exports and imports data, like emailing lists.

There are some practical applications of DirectorySpot too. For instance, it helps schools when a child is sick at school. Teachers can access parent contact information from their mobile devices. DirectorySpot gives users the option to send parents notifications if they need to be kept updated.

The system also has calendar synchronization. This means that admin staff can make timetable changes within the app itself, and it will sync with their primary calendar. There’s no need to maintain two separate calendars, one for the app and one for other activities. Both are integrated into the system.

DirectorySpot Is Not Just For Education

It’s not just schools, of course, using DirectorySpot to help organize groups. It’s being used by sports clubs, women’s clubs, trade organizations, country clubs, athletics clubs and so on. The main draw of DirectorySpot for these groups is to provide something akin to the contact list on your phone. DirectorySpot can be used to group, tag and sort contacts in a logical way. Athletics clubs, for instance, can sort members into different categories based on the sports that they do.


DirectorySpot is designed to work across platforms and operating systems. The creators have online versions and apps for both Android and iOS systems. The idea here is to allow people to access their directories, wherever they go.

What Customers Say

So far, customers have been impressed with the quality of the service on offer. They’ve also expressed their happiness with no longer having to drag big physical directories around with them. For many customers, this has been a refreshing change.

DirectorySpot And The Future

The education sector has lagged behind many other areas of the economy on the innovation front. DirectorySpot sees it as its mission to bring innovation to the education sector. Now DirectorySpot has an opportunity to make life easier and better for both parents and teachers alike.

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