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Discover Your Perfect Body Shape with SmartLipo

Discover Your Perfect Body Shape with SmartLipo

When it comes to how our bodies look, many people are unhappy with their current physical appearance. One of the most common complaints among people today is excess fat in unwanted areas. This added weight can be successfully removed with a simple outpatient procedure called liposuction. 

Many of these areas that tend to retain this unwanted element of fat are also areas that are very hard to target when exercising. Undergoing a lipo treatment will enable the patient to target these troublesome areas specifically. This treatment method is a non-invasive procedure that has been performed by the professionals at His Lipo over three thousand times with incredible results and patient satisfaction. 

This team of experts in the field of liposuction have all been clinically approved by the Board of Medicine and ANVISA. The doctors who perform the lipoaspiracao in their clinic have over 20 years of experience in this field. These specialized professionals are recognized by SBCP. Although these accreditations are impressive, the individual attention and specialized care delivered by this clinic to their patients is impressive and unmatched. 

The team of specialists meet with potential clients to discuss the liposuction process from start to finish. This clinics care is not limited to only the procedure. Care begins at the first initial meeting and is continued through the entire process and even beyond into the after care. The patient is definitely number one to His Lipo. 

Having a liposuction procedure done is normally relatively painless with little to no side effects. There may be instances of slight bruising, tenderness around the procedure area, swelling, and sensitivity. All procedures are performed under a local anesthesia to minimize the amount of pain and discomfort experienced during the extraction. His Lipo makes every attempt possible to assure their patient’s the most pleasant experience when undergoing liposuction with the quickest recovery time possible. 

The amount of time that it takes to recover from a liposuction treatment depends on each individual situation. In most cases patients are able to return to a normal schedule within one to two days. 

This simple and quick reshaping can be delivered to patients many times in just one visit. With each visit there may be as much as four to five liters of unwanted materials removed from the body. For extreme cases there may be a need for subsequent follow up visits. The professional team of specialists will examine, plan, and execute the best possible treatment for each patient based on their individual needs and make adjustments where necessary for the best final outcome.

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