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Diversify Risk in EIS & Other Alternative Investments with Kuber Ventures

Diversify Risk in EIS & Other Alternative Investments with Kuber Ventures

London, UK; 28, November 2015: Founded in 2013, Kuber Ventures offers a platform dedicated to alternative investments. The groundbreaking online system is for financial advisers and sophisticated investors. It allows them to manage EIS and SEIS investment portfolios.

It’s the only dedicated multi-manager platform for alternative investment schemes. Not only is it easy to use, but it offers opportunities to gain a bigger ROI.

Why use Kuber Ventures?

It’s no secret that Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and SEIS investments offer exciting opportunities. The market is full of unquoted investments, and so there lies more scope for spreading risk.

Kuber Ventures believe in spreading investment risks rather than sticking with just one company. The firm got set up by a team with their roots planted in tax planning and wealth creation. It makes sense to spread investment risks, to minimize the chance of any losses.

Today there is finally an option to take advantage of EIS and SEIS investments thanks to Kuber. Their online platform makes it possible to manage alternative investment risks with ease.

The system offered by Kuber Ventures is for people that don’t want to waste time filling in forms. The admin burden gets scaled right back so that one can start investing sooner rather than later. It’s an award-winning platform, and one that investors wished existed earlier.

How does Kuber Ventures help to diversify risk?

Anyone with even a basic grasp of investments will know that it makes sense to spread risk. That’s because any losses can get limited and not make a significant impact on future returns.

The trouble is, it can sometimes be hard to determine the best way of diversifying that risk. With markets like EIS and SEIS, it’s crucial to do so – just as one would do with other forms of investment.

The Kuber Ventures platform makes risk diversification a breeze. Many investors are looking for ways to integrate EIS investments with their current portfolio. The Kuber system gives them the tools they need to do that.

For intermediaries, the Kuber Ventures platform is a dream come true. It gives them access to spread client funds across diversified portfolio of 5 to 10 selected funds and if client would like to reallocate the funds – a new investment can be made without having to retrieve the funds. The system is more efficient than going back to the customer and asking for funds direct. It cuts down on the amount of admin and time involved in managing client investments.

So, when one investment isn’t doing too well, intermediaries can mitigate the risk. And all within a simple, easy-to-use platform.

About Kuber Ventures

The Kuber Ventures online platform got set up in 2013. It’s been a boon for financial advisers and sophisticated investors and offers them an easy to use online system.

Kuber is the only system available that can manage EIS and SEIS investment portfolios. This dedicated multi-manager system is both groundbreaking and award-winning!

For more information, contact:
Kuber Ventures
25 Sackville Street
London, W1S 3AX, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7952 6685

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