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DIY All Natural Mold Solution Keeps Homes Safe and Secure After Flooding

DIY All Natural Mold Solution Keeps Homes Safe and Secure After Flooding

Storms and flash floods have been ravaging entire span of the nation, giving rise to severe losses in terms of both lives and property. The property damage left behind by floods include the growth of mold spores, which causes long-term influences and high restoration expenditures. But a new all natural DIY mold removal system or Professional mold removal services offered at Safe Mold Solutions helps do it yourselfers and needy homeowners alike.

New York, September 20, 2015 — The unexpected rise in the number of floods across the mainland, ranging from Arizona to Colorado has left thousands of homeowners in distress. Handling a loss of lives and property, dealing with reduced living conditions and lack of basic necessities such as electricity and drinking water, and preparing against an imminent outbreak of serious diseases caused by the floods, the woes of the residents of Arizona just keep growing.

The flash floods caused by enormous downpours left thousands stranded in the streets clogged with water, and knocked out the power grid causing a complete blackout across major cities such as Phoenix. The ripping winds and lightning strikes only added to the damage, peeling off roofs, starting fires, traversing enormous boulders across major highways, and pulling enormous trees right off their roots completing the devastation. The Phoenix fire department stated that it received it 400 emergency calls in just two hours after the rains broke out.

But these are just the immediate effects of the ravages of the flood. The aftermath that would be left behind by the sustained water logging and leakage of sewer waters that are suspected to get mixed with the rain water during floods are expected to cause even bigger problems.

Initially the removal of the water from the crawlspaces of the home such as attics, basements, floor level storage spaces, garages, and workshops alone can cost a fortune to the residents. And the time involved in draining the accumulated water can significantly impact the return to normal life for the residents.

The logged water has the tendency to give rise to mold spores that can grow on the sparsely ventilated spaces. The growth of mold spores pose an even greater threat than the physical damages itself as inhaling the spores can lead to long term respiratory ailments such as asthma on both children and adults alike, adding to the damage. But the growth of pores can be effectively contained and completely eradicated using proper drying techniques, mold removal methods and by use of proper disinfectants.

External agencies specialized in removing molds can be employed to counter the problems, but the majority rely on toxic chemicals that are actually ineffective. Safe Mold Solutions offers a toxic-chemical free solution effective at completely eliminating the molds that may have been formed due to continuous water logging, for homeowners in need. For the adventurous or cash challenged family they created the All Natural DIY mold removal system. By use of a tested 5 – step mold removal system the company also removes other parasitic infections, bad odors, mycotoxins, MVOC’s, and moisture to restore health to the flood ridden homes.

About Company: The brainchild of the pioneer in the mechanized mold removal technologies – Mr. Charles Boday, Safe Mold Solutions is a technology driven organization that strives to offer users with cost-effective and complete mold removal technologies. With shorter removal times and a complete care through a 5 step process, the technology is a game changer in the restoration of flood affected homes.

About: Contact Charles Boday, c/o 55 South Main St. Oberlin Ohio best selling Author of The Ultra Dry Basement, and Got Mold Now What? Or visit 800-948-4947 to solve a stubborn mold problem or buy a DIY Mold Removal Kit or visit 800-240-8514 to buy an ozone generator, to blast away mold and mold odors.

Charles Boday
Safe Mold Solutions
55 South Main St.
Oberlin, Ohio

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