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Don’t afraid Traffic jam, electric scooter will help you

Don’t afraid Traffic jam, electric scooter will help you

With the continuous development of science and technology, the electric self balancing scooter has become the puzzle of the national fitness, exercise, the electric self balancing scooter is a power driven, with self balancing ability of personal vehicle, which is suitable for urban transportation, is a new type of transportation has never been applied to individual traffic. Work, patrol, indoor stadium, golf cart, exhibition venues, patrol staff transport, tourism and recreational vehicles equipped with etc.. Then what are you need to pay attention to before purchase electric self balancing scooter ?

1. comfort There are a lot of the balance wheel scooter comfort are very poor, such as the platform easy to shake, even shaking violently, there is obvious gap (it is difficult to keep in place), turn easily floated too fast, very easy to put people flash out, very dangerous. Therefore need to pay attention to before purchase.

2. lithium battery power supply A conventional lead-acid battery power supply can not meet the demand, to about the balance wheel scooter is very easy to lose balance in reversing events, so that the balance car with the brand-name lead-acid batteries, obviously such low car balance performance, only suitable for the ground slowly riding, not suitable for climbing, grassland and other harsh environment, of course, this car is relatively balanced cheaper.

3. the reasonable price : the self balancing scooter price to hundreds of dollars, up to tens of thousands each piece, uneven, the purchase must be careful not to buy too cheap, so it is prone to accidents, caused by unsafe factors. But do not buy the most expensive, according to their actual ability to pay to choose their own, and comfortable, safe, easy to use.

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