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Dr. Ara Suppiah on’s Morning Drive with How to Deal with Jet Lag

Dr. Ara Suppiah on’s Morning Drive with How to Deal with Jet Lag

Author, Sports Medicine Doctor, and Chief Medical Analyst NBC Sport Golf Channel Dr Ara Suppiah shares with TV host Cara Robinson from Golf Channel’s Morning Drive How to Deal with Jet Lag. Learn simple steps any golfer can take while traveling to prevent Jet Lag.

Orlando, FL, June 01, 2015 — Golf Channel Morning Drive co-host Cara Robinson gets tips and techniques from Dr Ara on How to Deal with Jet Lag. Golfers who are on the PGA Tour deal with a number of intangibles on a daily basis and while flying. They are continually traveling, changing time zones, facing delays, and suffering from jet lag. And there is the 6p finish and 5a starts. Such quick turnarounds take a toll on their bodies and recovery time. Nevermind the additional emotional and mental fatigue of both winning and losing. Dr Ara talks about how jet lag has a huge impact on the body. Jet lag has been described as physical and mental tiredness from sleep disturbances felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones. This causes a significant drop in performance. Jet lag happens to Golfers whenever they fly.

“Simply…. Ara is the best at what he does.”~Ian Poulte

Watch Dr Ara talk about exactly what golfers can do before, during and after their flight so that jet lag doesn’t affect your performance when you T off. Travelers can allow their body to recover so they aren’t in a sleep deprived fog. Dr Ara suggests to Cara:


1. Don’t change your sleeping habits before your trip to. Get a full night’s sleep so you aren’t traveling tired. Get in sync with the new time zone. Sleep normally.

2. Two days before flying, boost your immune system with a daily dose of vitamin D (5,000 milligrams) and vitamin C (1,000 milligrams).

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate, drink at least 1 liter of water before flying.


1. Don’t drink alcohol during the flight, it causes dehydration. Avoid sugary food and drinks. Blood-sugar spikes increase inflammation and disturb sleep cycles. Not being able to sleep prolongs recovery.

2. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration compounds the effects of jet lag. Hydration is key for recovery from jet lag.


1.  Get a good night’s sleep. Take a Benadryl or Valium when you go to sleep on the first night of the trip.

2. Drink a liter of cold water with a squeezed lemon (skin included). This alkaline mixture helps rid the body of acidity and germs.

3. Exercise, but avoid a big workout. Try walking barefoot on grass or sand for 30 minutes to reduce lingering in-flight stress.

“The first wealth is health and Ara has given me this time after time.” ~Vijay Singh

Watch the entire segment How to Keep Jet Lag from Ruining Your Next Golf Trip on righthere or read more on Dr Ara is a frequent guest on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive Fitness Friday. Watch as Dr Ara talks about Fitness Friday: PGA Tour Player Performance Center or look for future article on HRV (Heart rate variability) and the importance of listening to your heart. Dr Ara is passionate about why monitoring your heart matters, that it’s important to know when is the right time to train and the right time to rest.

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Dr. Ara Suppiah is the Chief Medical Analyst NBC Sport Golf Channel. He is a medical contributor to Morning Drive, Golf Channel’s daily news and lifestyle program, and Golf Central, the network’s evening news program. He appears weekly on the Golf Channel doing Sports Medicine segments on Morning Drive and Fitness Fridays. A specialist in ER and Sports Medicine, he is a leader in the field of golf medicine.

A lifelong athlete, Suppiah has spent more than 18 years practicing medicine around the world. He is a practicing ER physician, Chief Wellness Officer for Emergency Physicians of Florida and an assistant professor at the University of Central Florida Medical School. Through his website, Dr Ara offers medical information, and tools that perspective Golfer’s need to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.Dr Ara is also is the personal physician for several top PGA Tour professionals, including Gary Woodland, Henrik Stenson, Justin Rose, Graeme McDowell, Ian Poulter, Steve Stricker, Hunter Mahan, Jimmy Walker, Vijay Singh, Graham DeLaet, and Kevin Chappell, as well as LPGA Tour players Anna Nordqvist and Julieta Granada. He contributes to The Loop on Dr Ara Suppiah is the author Lose Weight and Feel Great Forever: The Insider’s Prescription to Turbocharge your life now!

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About Dr. Ara Suppiah
Dr Ara Suppiah is the founder of A lifelong athlete, Dr. Ara Suppiah knows what it takes for anyone to achieve his or her peak potential and thrives on creating optimal health in each of his patients. After 18 years practicing medicine around the world, he has a reputation for getting quick results and communicating in a simple manner that resonates with patients from all walks of life.

Dr. Ara is the Chief Medical Analyst NBC Sport Golf Channel as well as the personal physician for the PGA Tour of America, treating an A list roster that includes US Open Champion Justin Rose, Ian Poulter, Steve Stricker, Hunter Mahan and Hall of Fame member Vijay Singh. He is also a practicing ER physician, Chief Wellness Officer for Emergency Physicians of Florida, and an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida Medical School.

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