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Dr. Iris Mack Shows People How to Save Money by “Renting” Stocks

Dr. Iris Mack Shows People How to Save Money by “Renting” Stocks

Buckle up and settle in. It’s payback time for small investors — who want big returns. In her outstanding new book “A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street”, Dr. Iris Marie Mack uses her Harvard University and London Business School savvy to simplify a conservative investment strategy that even the most inexperienced investor can use to make money over time.

NEW ORLEANS, LA – 24 Feb, 2017 – Dr. Iris Mack is a household name when it comes to helping the average person on Main Street become more financially literate. Her latest book – A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street –  teaches the art of “renting” stocks to help the average tax payer get out of debt and save for retirement. The book is a certified Amazon Best Seller and has received quite a bit of media attention(http://mainstbailout.com/msb-links/).

Dr. Mack is now working to bring her knowledge and this philosophy to high school and college students to show them how to avoid the debt pitfalls to which so many of us have become victim. She is in the process of developing a video series, complete with workbooks and financial literacy tools, to help teach this conservative investment strategy in schools across the couDr. Iris Mack Shows People How to Save Money by “Renting” Stocksntry.

Of course, a task of this magnitude takes extra funding. Dr. Mack has decided to begin a crowdfunding campaign to begin to raise investment capital, and interest in her project. The crowdfunding campaign can be found at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/make-money-by-renting-stocks-video-series-finance/x/16057861#/

Any questions about the campaign or the project can be directed to Dr. Mack and her team at their website: http://mainstbailout.com/about-us/

Contact :
Iris Marie Mack, Phd, EMBA
Phat Math, Inc.
New Orleans, LA
1 504 941 7122


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