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Dr. Song’s 3d Prostate and Prostatitis Clinic is Specialized To Cure All Prostate Related Disorders

Dr. Song’s 3d Prostate and Prostatitis Clinic is Specialized To Cure All Prostate Related Disorders

China; 12, January 2017: The prostate gland is basically a walnut-sized organ which is located directly below the bladder of men. This small gland is often exposed to different types of disorders and diseases that ultimately affect the normal functioning of the urinary system among males. It is essential to apply the right type of medication to ensure a full-proof recovery from such problems. DR. SONG’S 3D prostate and Prostatitis clinic is a renowned medical institute of China which is specialized in treating various types of prostatitis, enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and other genitourinary infections. The clinic primarily utilizes its unique 3D treatment that focuses on providing permanent and complete cure to the patients.

This medical clinic has acquired the license and approval of the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. This clinic is based in the Xiangtan city of China and its other branch is situated in the Changsha city of this country. Dr Song of China is the administrative head of these two clinics that mainly focus on providing sophisticated treatment to the patients in a non-surgical method. These clinics are clean and orderly where the treatment process is professional and comprehensive. Doctors and other medical staffs of these clinics are very open, caring, and friendly towards the patients. The clinic uses advanced laboratory equipment to accurately diagnose the symptoms of different urinary infections among the people before applying the essential doze of medication.

Dr Song, who is the pioneer of this latest form of 3D prostatitis treatment in China, has acquired the extensive clinical and laboratory knowledge and experience to easily determine the efficacy of such form of treatment in the cure of other prostate based diseases and genitourinary infections. Utilizing this latest form of treatment he has been able to successfully cure many overseas patients as well. This treatment is based on certain critical factors that must be thoroughly observed to ensure complete recovery of patients in all conditions. As this latest treatment progresses, the discharged toxic substances in the urine can be clearly seen with the open eyes. Normally the discharging of toxic substances usually begins within 1-2 weeks of the treatment.

The clinic is capable of carrying out a full set of virus tests and examinations to provide the appropriate form of medication under the supervision of expert medical practitioner. The clinic usually accepts 60% of the medical payment in cash within the 1st week of the treatment and remaining 40% after the 2nd week of treatment.

About DR. SONG’S 3D prostate and Prostatitis clinic:

DR. SONG’S 3D prostate and Prostatitis clinic is specialized in providing advanced 3D treatment to ensure full-proof recover from all prostate diseases. Dr Song is the Director of this clinic. For more information, users can visit the website of this institute.

For Media Contact:

Company: DR. SONG’S 3D Prostate and Prostatitis Clinic

Address: Jin Xiangtan Square Office Building, Suite 801, Shao Shan Middle Rd.,

City, State, Country: Xiangtan, Hunan, China.

Phone: +86-186-73216429

Email: prostatecure3d@gmail.com

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