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Drive Rite Academy Offers Variety of Driving Lessons in Brooklyn

Drive Rite Academy Offers Variety of Driving Lessons in Brooklyn

Drive Rite Academy, a driving school in Brooklyn , New York, offers a variety of driver training courses. All of these courses are taught by qualified professionals. Every section of training is designed to help students learn more about general driving skills, automobile safety and New York state driving laws as well as provide a way for students to meet state licensing requirements.

Drivers can begin with a five-hour pre-licensing course designed to teach them the basics of safe driving and is based on New York laws. This course includes four components: The Task of Driving within the Highway Transportation System; Driver’s Habits and Skills; Feelings, Attitudes, and Taking Risks; and Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving. This class is particularly appropriate for those who have never been licensed or who are renewing their licenses after a significant lapse in driving experience. Drivers without an MV-285 are required by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles to take this course prior to scheduling a driving test.

Students can also schedule driving lessons with a certified, professional instructor. Learning how to operate a vehicle safely is the goal of all driving lessons, and instructors at this Brooklyn driving school take the time to work with students at their own level of proficiency.

Finally, those looking for a ten percent discount on their car insurance can sign up for the six-hour defensive driving course known as the Safe Driving Accident Prevention Program or SDAPP. This course is approved by the New York DMV and can also remove points from a license after a speeding ticket or other infraction. This course includes accident prevention strategies as well as information on the effects of drugs and alcohol on drivers.

Drive Rite Academy offers courses for all types of driving education needs. For more information on this Brooklyn driving school, visit

About Drive Rite Academy:

Drive Rite Academy is a full-service driver training organization located in Brooklyn, New York. Drive Rite offers students the instruction they need to drive safely and meets all New York requirements for pre-licensing driver education as well as courses for insurance rate reduction and removal of points from New York driver’s licenses.

Contact info:
Drive Rite Academy
145 Kenilworth Place, Unit 1B
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Phone: 718-928-7048

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