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Dual Occupancy Interest Hits Record Highs In Melbourne

Dual Occupancy Interest Hits Record Highs In Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia; 23, November 2015:The housing market is experiencing unprecedented growth in Melbourne. Many people are buying up properties as investments, to either rent out or sell on for a profit. One niche market, in particular, has exploded with popularity, and it’s easy to see why.

Dual Occupancy

More people are opting for dual occupancy home investments in the Melbourne area. In a nutshell, dual occupancy involves the construction of two homes on one piece of land. The term also includes homes that get split into two separate ones.

Dual Living, a property development firm, has seen increasing interest in dual occupancy projects. The Melbourne-based company is receiving more enquiries each day. There are many reasons why dual occupancy homes are an attractive prospect for investors.

For a start, they are ideal for people looking for a high ROI or rental yield. Land out in the suburbs is cheaper to buy than plots nearer to Melbourne’s CBD. And because there is plenty of available land, investors are keen to snap up those plots.

It’s also no secret that properties are expensive to buy and rent within the city centre. Many professionals and families prefer to live in neighbouring areas, where prices are cheaper. Investors can capitalise on that fact by offering affordable homes for sale or to let.

There is also the fact that Melbourne may reach a housing crisis in the next few years. Analysts predict that there will be a massive shortage of affordable housing. That is unless more new homes get built.

Dual occupancy homes are also a hit with homeowners as they offer more returns than a single one. In effect, one can double their returns by converting an existing home into a dual occupancy one.

Dual Living: Melbourne’s leading property development company

To get on the property investment ladder, many people turn to Dual Living for their needs. The company has more than 50 years of combined industry experience.

They differ to many other firms in that they offer a complete packaged solution. Their team of experts can help new and experienced investors at each stage.

Dual Living’s team comprise of a wide range of professionals. From designers and builders to surveyors and town planners, the firm can take on any project. Their team ensure that clients don’t have to deal with the headaches of working with novices. Find out more about the range of services on offer at their website:

About Dual Living:

Boasting over 50 years of industry experience, Dual Living is Melbourne’s premier property developer. The company, based in Malvern East, offer a broad selection of services.

Their mission is to offer a complete packaged solution for property investors and homeowners. With a team of experts on hand, one can be sure they’ll receive nothing less than a first class service.

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Dual Living
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Malvern East
Telephone: +61 (3) 9885 7652

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