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DWHomes Offering Stylish and Sophisticated House Plans NZ

DWHomes Offering Stylish and Sophisticated House Plans NZ

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – Home Building is a dream come true for homeowners and they do everything that can to make it a dream home right from start to end. Home interiors are something that depend on the taste and lifestyle preferences of individuals. Today modern homes need much more than comfort. Luxurious and spacious living is what individuals prefer. DWHomes offers some of the most sophisticated house floor plans that not only suit the lifestyle preferences but also their budgets. They have separate house plans NZ in different series such as the Urban Series which are designed to offer cost competitive solutions to any family size.

The Classic Series is designed for those who want to have uniqueness in their homes with over-height studs and doors and many more. The Lifestyle Series designed specifically for country living with abundant space and comfortable features. The Design and Build series wherein customers get to design their own homes and the team of home designers here will incorporate their expertise thereby resulting some of the best designer homes ever created. The Two Storey series is for those who want their homes to be colorful and vibrant. DWHomes are registered master builders which means that customers can be assured of leaving their homes in the hands of qualified professionals.

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DWHomes, based at Auckland, New Zealand has been in the business of home design for over 10 years now. With a team of award winning designers on their side they come up with new, innovative and improved home designs from time to time based on different lifestyle and budget needs of their customers.

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