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E-Cigarettes 95% Less Harmful Than Traditional Tobacco

E-Cigarettes 95% Less Harmful Than Traditional Tobacco

Research done by UK-based scientist recently revealed: Vaping E-cigarettes is 95% less harmful then traditional tobacco and might even aid smokers in quitting their dangerous habit.

These findings have been confirmed by US-based scientists too.

According to an interview with Yahoo Health, Jonathan Foulds, PhD and researcher at Penn State University in the public health sciences,  found out that E-cigarettes contain only 3-5 different ingredients, as opposed to 7,000 chemicals that can be found in tobacco.

And of those 7,000 chemicals in tobacco, a whopping 6,800 are known to cause cancer.

The ingredients in most E-Cigarettes on the other hand, are currently under heavy research and up until now, no major cancer inducing or otherwise harmful effects of the chemicals could be found in these trials. There is a lack of long-term studies done on the effects E-cigarettes, however.

E-Cigarettes help to quit smoking

One thing that many vapers and even some scientist agree on, is that E-cigarettes can help greatly with quitting tobacco.

A User of the popular Innokin iTaste for example, reports:

“This review is about being an ex smoker of 30 a day for 40 years, and a vaper for 6 months.
6 months ago I bought an Innokin iTaste V3. I was very impressed. So impressed I bought a second one so I always had a fully charged ecig. I also bought one as a present for my sister to help her quit too.” -Phillip J. N., Amazon Top 500 reviewer

Not all E-cigarettes contain the same ingredients though.  Many of the high-quality E-cigarettes e-liquids contain propylene glycol and glycerin. Propylene Glycol for example, is a compound used in artificial fogs and is proven to be safe, although, again there is a lack of long-term studies of the chemicals effect on humans.

So, as further research is done on the effects of E-cigarette vaping and its effects on the human body, one thing is clear: The trend of vaping is growing rapidly, probably because many users were able to successfully quit smoking with their help.

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