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Ebrace Direct Introduces Mouth Guards

Ebrace Direct Introduces Mouth Guards

Southern California based Ebrace Direct is a distributor of orthoitic equipment, including equipment for the joint, arm, leg and head. The company now sells mouth protection for boxers, soccer players and baseball players.

Sports have long been a valued part of culture in the United States and around the world. However, sports are also a source of many immediate and slow developing injuries to their respective participants. For this reason, athletic leagues often require safety equipment during a game, and physical therapists advise therapeutic equipment use afterward. Ebrace Direct has provided sportsmen and women with braces for the back and knee for years. The company now sells consumers mouth guards via its website for protection against facial injuries.

Ebrace Direct provides sufferers of chronic back pain with therapeutic back brace as seen at . Ebrace’s Corflex Target Back Wrap assists those suffering from lower back pain. The Shock Doctor 836 is worn around the midsection and is also designed to assist those with lower back pain. Ebrace Direct now sells a small, lightweight device that provides a small amount of electric stimulation to the muscles, nerves, and bones of the lumbar spine to reduce pain and swelling. The same soccer or softball player who uses mouth guard during their game will often suffer from back pain caused by years of playing a sport, and Ebrace Direct’s therapeutic equipment can help alleviate some of the pain.

As almost all team sports require constant running, it is no surprise that injury and strain to the knee, ankle and shin are very common among athletes. Along with its DonJoy Shin Splint brace, Ebrace Direct distributes several knee braces as seen at . Many of the braces sold online are neoprene based to offer both support and for easy perspiration during activity. Ebrace Direct’s knee braces allow a football or soccer player to continue training, much like the mouth guard does, while reducing risk of further injury.

Along with its safety equipment such as braces and mouth guards, Ebrace Direct now offers arch and foot support to diabetes sufferers. Insoles and specialized socks as seen at provide diabetics, who often suffer from poor blood circulation in their feet, to continue to play sports and exercise while reducing risk of injury.

About eBrace Direct:

Founded by certified orthotists and prosthetists with more than 40 years of experience, eBrace Direct is the solution for those who want to be able to purchase quality orthotic and prosthetic products at reasonable prices direct from the distributor. With professional customer support and guaranteed discounts, eBrace Direct offers a simple solution for purchasing quality, professional products.

For More Information:
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eBrace Direct
412 Carl Karcher Way
Anaheim, CA 92801

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