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Eco-Friendly green cleaning announced in Orange County

Eco-Friendly green cleaning announced in Orange County


Tustin, CA – ‘s maid service (2014) is pleased to announce its expansion of eco-friendly cleaning services into the greater orange county area, servicing Brea, Fullerton, Irvine Newport Beach and sourrounding areas.

The companies owner Mike Lin had this to say:

“Green cleaning isn’t just a trend – it’s a healthier lifestyle for everyone. At OC Green Clean, we greatly appreciate and value our employees and contractors who are hard at work cleaning your home. They also prefer using eco-friendly products so that they aren’t breathing in fumes all day. Green products are better for their lungs and also for their skin.

Everybody wins when we adopt a green cleaning lifestyle….We will often clean with basic household items like water, vinegar, and baking soda, but we also use commercially available green cleaning products from eco-friendly, socially conscious companies”

Not limiting themselves to just green products, Ocgreenclean also promotes a number of activities of how you can improve your green lifestyle over on their blog.

For additional information on the areas they service, and the green cleaning products they use, checkout for a list of our products and services they recommend (Such as Seventh Generation or Simple Green)

Contact Name: Mike Lin
Company Name: OCGreenClean
Contact Number: (949) 288-6738
City: Tustin
State: California
Country: United States
Email: daniel(at)ocgreenclean(dot)com

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