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Ecomolding Co Ltd Offers Plastic Injection Molding Services To Different Industries

Ecomolding Co Ltd Offers Plastic Injection Molding Services To Different Industries

China; 29, November 2016: Plastic is now becoming an important raw material to manufacture various durable products like cushioned handle cover, camera cover, spoon, bottle carrier, phone case and many more using latest cost-effective manufacturing technique. There are many agencies that are involved in manufacturing items utilizing advanced injection plastic molding technique. Ecomolding Co Ltd is one such firm which is specialized in offering reliable and top-class plastic injection molding services at a reasonable price. This firm provides high-quality plastic moulds of different types to meet the diverse requirements of industries like automotive, electronics, home appliances and so on. The company comes with a workshop covering more than 2000 square meters with more than 100 employees to produce high quality plastic molds to meet global industrial demands without compromising quality.

The sole objective of this company is to emerge as a trustworthy, professional plastic injection mould manufacturer and for that reason it has introduced modernized management system to ensure stringent quality supervision in every stage of production. It continuously focuses on innovation and use of sophisticated technology to deliver unbeatable mold building, injection molding solutions in the industry. Most of its equipments are imported from Taiwan and Switzerland that normally include 21 sets OF Milling Machine, 4 sets of CNC, slow feeding linear cutting machine, video measurement system, 20 Injection Machines and many more. It is always committed to provide one-stop service for small and medium sized companies all over the world.

It also accepts customized molding orders from client to accommodate their different needs and wants without increasing the overall cost of production. The firm is specialized in producing plastic products using materials like PVC, PMMA, PET, PBT and so on. The company supplies high-quality auto-mold pieces with proper price and has got the required expertise to serve leading vehicle brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and so on. The types of molds that it manufacture for this industry normally includes dashboards, inner decorating accessories etc.

The agency thoroughly conducts detail Cases Study before accepting any order from clients and then concentrates on other relevant issues of mold design so as to seek the approval from customers before the commencement of actual production process. It always emphasizes on the use of 2D layout to draw basic information like mold size, gating type, ejection way, parting line etc. This Chinese agency ensures swift delivery of products in good conditions all over the world.

About Eco Molding Co Ltd:

Eco Molding Co Ltd is specialized in offering injection molding solutions to different industries. The firm ensures timely delivery of products in good conditions. It carefully consider each and every step of mold design process to offer the most reliable product in industry. For more information, customers can visit website of this company.

For Media Contact:
Company: Eco Molding Co., Limited
Phone: 86-0755-33183226
Fax: 0086-(0)755 2975 2893

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