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Educate Offend Launches WTF Technology App For Smart Devices

Educate Offend Launches WTF Technology App For Smart Devices

Los Angeles, CA – Educate Offend ( has launched their new WTF Technology app promoting technology literacy and critical thinking while also possibly offending the user’s sensibilities.

It assured that within the game of life one will face ten adversaries. They are irony, satire, sarcasm, subtext, exaggerations, metaphors, doublespeak, lying, delusions, and ignorance. With the WTF Technology App, users will be taught to decipher when these adversaries are being used on them and in learning critical thinking, be able to stand firm against them. The app does this using a flashcard teaching approach.

According to the US Department of Commerce , “American jobs related to the Internet contributed an estimated $300 billion of economic activity to the U.S. gross domestic product in 2009”. Their report also stated that “Ninety-six percent of working Americans use new communications technologies as part of their daily life, while sixty-two percent of working Americans use the Internet as an integral part of their jobs”. Lastly, they found that “High-speed Internet access and online skills are not only necessary for seeking, applying for, and getting today’s jobs, but also to take advantage of the growing educational, civic, and health care advances spurred by broadband”. The conclusion? As society becomes more technologically connected, Technological Literacy is a necessity.

“I’m no techie,” stated app reviewer VJSmiles2, “which leads to my common response of “huh?” when dealing with the geeks at the repair store or a friend or sibling who is kind enough to fix the mess I somehow manage to get into on a semi regular basis. A friend recommended this app and it’s both fun and funny. I’m having a great time with it. Very informative.”

The App developer, Scott Shui, is a public speaker and Technologist who promotes technology literacy for every walk of life. The app is available now in both the iTunes app store and through the Google Play for Android.

For more information, visit

The Library Infinite
4001 Inglewood Ave
Bldg. 101 Suite 248
Redondo Beach CA 90278

Contact: Scott Shui
Title: Technologist
Phone: 310-579-2952

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