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Effectual Rating System Against Tennis Sandbagging Introduced by eTennis League

Effectual Rating System Against Tennis Sandbagging Introduced by eTennis League


San Diego, CA – We’ve all heard about sandbagging in tennis, and almost every tennis player has at least once found himself in situation to deal with, so called, sandbaggers. Playing tennis could be for fun of playing at the level that is challenging, or it could be all about winning, at the level that enables winning most of the players. Those players who are playing at the wrong level to benefit from the easy wins are called sandbaggers.

This playing strategy must be nearly as old as a game itself but it has become a growing problem in league and tournament play nowadays. Sandbaggers probably have numerous reasons why they do what they do. Some of them really enjoy in easy, constant winnings, while the others might be unaware that they’re doing something wrong. Launching of eTennis League with its unique prize system and money prizes, brings another reason for sandbagging, probably stronger than all others we’ve mentioned.

“We wanted to improve flex tennis play in our county. Playing other flexible leagues, for a years, we decided to create something that will combine all pros of flex leagues leagues, remove all cons and bring something really innovative. We decided to offer cash prizes as additional motivation for playing. Of course, we were aware that this can put fair play and sport spirit in second plan. – said Val, eTennis League founder and creator of sportsmanship rating system used by eTennis League portal. “It was inevitably to create something to prevent that, and we decided to introduce sportsmanship rating.”

eTennis League brings Sportsmanship Rating system. Sportsmanship Rating System is a very simple – one to five star system that rates player’s sportsmanship. After match is completed, while submitting score, players will be asked to rate sportsmanship for their opponents. This is a mandatory field and it is required for every match including friendly matches and it is calculated throughout the year and seasons. Collected rating from all the matches is being calculated and player’s overall rating is showed on the stats page. If a player is below three stars his account will be suspended.

“As a tennis league player I expect from league participants to be on their best behavior and to promote good sportsmanship. Respect for opponents is imperative for the enjoyment of competitions by all participants. For these reasons, I’m impressed with Sportsmanship Rating System and eTennis league that is committed to fostering a safe, healthy, and fun atmosphere for all league participants” – said John, eTennis League player.

About eTennis League is a state of the art flex tennis league website that provides quick and easy way of finding tennis players using criteria like location, gender and skill level. It connects recreational players and offers leagues with competitive matches from beginner to advanced, superior customer service and easy-to-use website.

eTennis League is free to join. For more information or to sign up please visit

Contact: Val Sindelic
Telephone: (707)999-7746
Email: tennis[at]

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