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Election Trust Delivers Utah City’s ‘Water’ Ballot

Election Trust Delivers Utah City’s ‘Water’ Ballot

Advisory Ballot Informs Riverton City Council on Citizen’s H20 Preference.

Bellevue, WA, December 23, 2014 — More and more the source of the water we drink, use to bathe, wash our clothes and nourish our lawns is a major issue for Americans, especially in the West.

The City Council of Riverton City, Utah, faced with making a critical decision as to which of two available source alternatives would provide its constituents’ water, chose Election Trust to put the question directly to citizens via the Riverton ‘Water Choice’ Ballot.

On December 16, Election Trust reported to the City Council, and assembled Riverton citizens, the final results of the nearly month-long, mail-in balloting event in which an overwhelming percentage of voters (79+%) expressed their desire to source the entire city’s water supply from the Jordan Valley Conservancy District.

“We needed a 3rd party balloting authority with a solid track record of election administration to provide the Council with reliable and impartial results on the question,” stated Angela Trammell, Communications Manager for Riverton City. “The nearly 50% voter turnout proved this ‘water choice’ was obviously of vital importance to most of our citizens so, in the end, we were extremely satisfied we chose Election Trust to provide the necessary integrity this ‘advisory ballot’ required,” she concluded.

Election Trust worked closely with City staff to design, print and mail the ballot packet, provide replacement ballot services as well as receive, tabulate and report the results.

“While a majority of our clients are in the Private Sector, certain Public Sector agencies are taking advantage of our 3rd party services as an alternative to untimely and expensive scheduled government election ballot placement or potentially unreliable, low-response surveys,” said John Bodin, Election Trust’s General Manager. “As with Riverton City, we offer mail-in paper balloting or we can provide a secured online balloting event – even a Hybrid of both balloting channels…all within a price that will fit most tight agency operating budgets.”

The Riverton City Council will utilize the Water Choice Ballot results to determine which culinary water alternative will be implemented at the beginning of the next fiscal year, July 1, 2015.

Media Contact: John Bodin / Election Trust / 425.462.2704 / john.bodin[at]electiontrust[dot]com

About Election Trust (http://www.electiontrust.com ):
Election Trust brings together veteran professionals and proven balloting technology to provide efficient and secure paper, electronic and hybrid voting solutions to both the public and private sectors. In addition the company offers technology consultant and integrator services to both modernize and improve any organization’s or agency’s existing election platform (eVoting Secured by Scytl).

About Riverton City (http://www.rivertoncity.com):
Riverton, in Salt Lake County, has a population of about 42,000 and is one of the fastest-growing cities in Utah. The City Council consists of Mayor Bill Applegarth and Members Brent Johnson, Trent Staggs, Sheldon Stewart, Tricia Tingey and Paul Wayman. The media contact for Riverton is Angie Trammell the City’s Communications Manager: 801.208.3189 / atrammell[at]rivertoncity[dot]com.

John Bodin
Election Trust
Bellevue, WA, 98004
+1 206 465 4475


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