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Email encryption is now simple, effective and free


Email encryption is now simple, effective and free

M8 Software announce the addition of email encryption to their flagship product the Spartan Multi-Clipboard for Windows. M8’s encryption uses a new 265 bit algorithm, and is particularly easy for users to set up. The system is included in both the commercial and free versions of Spartan so anyone who would prefer to keep his correspondence private can now do so at no cost.

The Spartan encryption is independent of the user’s email. The user simply types into Spartan. Spartan encrypts the message and places the encryption on the Windows clipboard ready to paste into any email program.

The system can be set up in less than one minute. All that is required is to enter the email address of the correspondent, the password to use for the encryption and whether the email system in use is an installed program or web mail.

Spartan’s encryption features a new 256 bit algorithm which was developed in house. The system is point to point. That is to say, the encryption takes place on the sender’s PC and the decryption takes place on the receiver’s PC. At no time is an unencrypted message being transmitted to or from a server an there is no middle man with access to keys.

“It’s about time the US public could stick two fingers up to the NSA” said John Turnbull, the system’s designer.

Copies of the software may be down loaded from:



M8 Software, based in Liverpool, England was founded in 1985 with the release of its DOS software Easy Base and Easy Word. Since the beginning of Windows, they have specialized in software to enhance and extend the Windows system clipboard culminating in the Spartan Multi-Clipboard one of the world leaders in its field.


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M8 Software

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