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EmoFix Launched New Awesome Promo Video

EmoFix Launched New Awesome Promo Video

Emotions are still overflowing even though a video was watched several hours ago. It catches the watcher from the first second. After watching it on one breath, at the end he (the watcher) has no clue what is presented. EmoFix and Fix Your Emotion – no other hints. Only some little thing with a bright blue label on it appears throughout the video.

Freedom, love, directness are dominating in the video and of course emotions, lots of emotions. It can catch any teenager loving night clubs as well as a grown up with a prestige work who loves relaxing. No shyness or restraint. Even brutality, but the one that doesn’t invoke disgust.

The video is rather short and fast, that way the watcher doesn’t have any time to get bored. Neither bored nor shy look the heroes of the video – usually people between 21-26 years old. They are full of energy, emotions, they make all want to relax, meet with friends, go out and simply have fun and forget about everything. They look smart, sexy, fashionable, relaxed and happy, without the slightest hint of tiredness or sadness. Their moves are rhythmic and confident, provocative and glamorous. It’s a dream world where the rules are not established. It’s the world of freedom and love, glitz and provocation.

Although there’s not much information about EmoFix in the Internet, some additional info may be found in the social networks by the following links: for Facebook users and for Twitter admirers.

All who have watched the video are simply on tiptoes with eagerness to find out what is that little blue thing is shown, watching the video over and over trying to find the hints. But none are present. Only emotions. Fix Your Emotion.

Skype: pr.emofix

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