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Enerlites Introduces Digital Wall Timers

Enerlites Introduces Digital Wall Timers

Enerlites is a high-tech specialist in the manufacturing and marketing of wiring industry and has been in business since 1999. The company now introduces digital wall timers.

Businesses and individuals are becoming increasingly knowledgeable of and sensitive to ecological issues. “Green” construction and remodeling offers home and business owners the ability to save money on energy expenses while reducing pollution and protecting the environment. One of the simplest and most popular ways people save money while eliminating waste is by only using energy when necessary. To further assist individuals and organizations with this, Irvine, CA based high-tech company Enerlites now offers digital wall timers to monitor and limit energy use in a building.

Enerlites offers a several models of its digital wall timers as seen at . The HET06 -W model is sold with a three year warranty and is perfect for cool dry areas such as a pantry or garage. It also offers the choice of various time delays ranging from one to 60 minutes. The HMT01 model mounts to a standard electrical box and has up to 35 on/off settings per day.

Enerlites distributes a selection of z-wave switches as seen at . The ZW 15S 15A On/Off is ideal for wireless manual and remote on/off control replacement. This system works well with a regular wall switch as well as LED and fluorescent lighting. Meanwhile, the Enerwave ZWN-333 Z-Wave Wireless Plug-in Appliance Module is excellent for wireless manual and remote on/off Z-wave outlets.

Enerlites provides customers with a number of USB wall outlets as seen at . The 62000-4USB USB wall outlets are perfect for many handheld electronics including iPads, tablet PC, GPS, MP3 players and mobile phones. Enerlites’ USB wall outlet eliminates the need for an AC adapter. The outlet includes a tamper resistant receptacle and an internal shutter mechanism to protect children from electrocution.

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About Enerlites:

Enerlites is a company that has specialized in the manufacture and marketing of high-tech wiring devices since 1999. The lighting control and wiring devices produced by this company meet the highest standards of safety and performance set forth by the industry. With more than 700 products, Enerlites has solutions for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial electrical as well as data-com applications. The Enerlites manufacturing plant is a registered ISO9001 facility.

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(949) 756-0536

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