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Engineering Services: Big Names, All in One Place

Engineering Services: Big Names, All in One Place

Delltra Solutions is a provider of engineering products and services to companies all over the country of South Africa. Situated in Johannesburg, South Africa, it is a BBBEE certified level-II organisation which strives to reward their clients with the maximum value for money. They are known to source the best material from anywhere, be it through importing from abroad, or procuring excellently manufactured local goods in the country.

Delltra Solutions have been awarded the rights to distribution for the firm Motovario Gearboxes and Motors in their Gauteng zone of operations. Motovario is a famed company that offers a two year warranty on their motors, and are known to combine superior quality with competitive pricing. They have in their collection, the bolt-on-bolt-off B14 or B5 motor interface flanges, side mounting flanges and torque arms; on every single size unit.

Delltra Solutions are known to offer the OLI® Range of “State of the Art” vibration technology. OLI®, being part of the WAM group, are known leaders of the vibration technology.

Of late, Delltra Solutions has paired up with the South African branch of the Italian WAMGROUP company, which is a widely respected name worldwide for their efficient manufacturing and development of procedures and machinery, aimed at processing bulk solid material. Apart from this, they are known leaders in fields such as dust filtration, waste water treatment, exploitation of renewable energy, and innovations in vibration technology.

The “Pneumatic Solutions” part of their website tells visitors that they provide a host of choices in regard to supplier brands. Among their most prized suppliers are brand names such as FESTO and JELPC. Pepperl+Fuchs, a German manufacturer of automation equipment, is one of the names to partner with Delltra in recent times.

Overall, it can be said that, by having access to a wide range of brands in innumerable fields related to engineering equipment manufacturing, Delltra has made it possible for its clients to choose the best at perfectly competitive prices. And, this is one of the reasons why it is one of the most valued distributor chain brands out there today.

Last but not least, the array of general services offered at Delltra, includes things such as laser cutting services, water jet cutting, profile cutting services, machining, tool making, dye making and a host of others. Among the products that are sourced by them, there are stainless steel, flexible bellows, ferrous and non-ferrous metal sections and work-wear, that are directly obtained from the manufacturer/wholesale brand as per client specifications. To know more, see

About Deltra Solutions
Delltra Solutions is a renowned engineering products and services supplier in South Africa.

14 Saralia Village
4 Muller Street
Phone: +27 (0)83 531 1107 or
+27 (0)83 792 1095

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