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EnviroFry Provides More and Better Mold Removal and Remediation Results for Twenty Percent Less

EnviroFry Provides More and Better Mold Removal and Remediation Results for Twenty Percent Less

EnviroFry’s Upkeep Masters, LLC, offers to provide more effective and better done mold removal and mold cleanup work for at a twenty percent discount from competitors’ written bids.

Montrose, MI, March 29, 2015 — “If a property owner has a written, detail-specific, itemized mold remediation quotation or bid from an experienced and qualified mold remediation service firm, EnviroFry’s Upkeep Masters, LLC, will provide more complete and better done mold remediation services than contained in competitors’ mold removal quotes or bids for a fee that will be at least twenty percent less than the lowest fee quoted to the property owner or manager,” states Phillip Fry, vice president of the national EnviroFry Upkeep Masters, LLC.

Upkeep Masters, LLC, is available to provide discounted prices for better mold remediation results in its primary service areas, which are the New England states, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Arizona, and California.

The company does discounted mold remediation nationwide USA and in many Asian nations, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The company uses high-tech equipment such as fiber optics video inspection camera, infrared video camera, and moisture meter for investigating inside walls, ceilings, floors, and heating/cooling air ducts; soda blasters to remove deeply-in-grown mold infestation; high output ozone generators; and high capacity industrial air scrubbers with a HEPA filter to remove airborne mold spores and an activated carbon filter to remove airborne mold mycotoxins (airborne mold poisons that are volatile organic compounds).

A property owner or manager can get Upkeep Masters, LLC’s “more mold remediation for twenty percent less” bid price by emailing a competitor’s firm and detailed bid, along with the moldy property’s mold lab results, mold inspection report, and pictures of the mold problems to Phillip Fry at, or postal mailing of the above items to EnviroFry Upkeep Masters, LLC, 10104 Sheridan Rd., Montrose, MI 48457, USA.

For questions or more information, please email Phillip Fry, or phone him toll-free 1-866-300-1616 or his cell phone 1-480-310-7970, or office phone 1-810-639-0523.

Phillip Fry, Vice President
EnviroFry Upkeep Masters, LLC
10104 Sheridan Rd.,
Montrose, MI 48457
Phone Toll-Free 1-866-300-1616
Cell 1-480-310-7970 and

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