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Ephraim Global Appeals For a More Serious Discussion on Transitioning to Alternative Energy Sources
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Ephraim Global Appeals For a More Serious Discussion on Transitioning to Alternative Energy Sources

Nathan Levesque calls for a more down-to-earth approach towards climate change and supporting cleaner energy sources through capital investments.

Nathan Levesque, Director of International Research at Ephraim Global, calls to redirect the negative attitudes generated by climate change debates towards the more urgent matter of necessary capital investments into more viable and lucrative alternative energy systems.

In Ephraim Global’ most recent Fundamentals briefing Mr. Levesque examined the impact of policy adjustments even where there is no ideal or universally accepted international policy agreement. Mr. Levesque discussed the shifting dynamics of the manner in which we utilize our energy and how leading enterprises such as Ephraim Global play a significant role in impacting and supporting the transition to more effective and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Nathan also declared that he is disappointed by the way individuals waiver from a serious debate regarding the current energy system and what that would represent for long-term investors, and likewise that we should not resort to the comfort of disregarding proven facts and figures out of personal considerations.

Commenting on the subject Nathan Levesque said: “We are finding ourselves still very much in denial regarding the two main forces, climate policy and technological advancements, which are reshaping the dynamic of our energy usage. The aftermath of our dependence on wasteful fossil fuels and the pollution which it generates negatively impacts resources that institutions and individuals would rather use somewhere else. Combating climate change has nothing to do with losing financial value, but rather it is about constructing a more efficient energy system. If we were to handle this aspect comprehensively and strategically the end result would be far more beneficial for our investments.

We must support this transition and embrace it as a primary objective regardless if you are a major investor, a leading political figurehead or simply a consumer. As a company concentrated on long-term outcomes we frequently engage policymakers as well as corporate executives to embrace coming changes, the result of which can be an improved society, greater financial efficiency and finally bolstered corporate development and investment opportunities”.
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