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Ephraim Global Attends Autism Awareness Conference
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Ephraim Global Attends Autism Awareness Conference

Senior Vice President joins conference on reaching out and assisting unemployed individuals with autism.

At a recent conference regarding autism and assisting individuals impacted by the condition, Caleb Gotch, Senior Vice President at the international asset management company Ephraim Global, joined a panel discussion on private sector initiatives created to offer employment opportunities for individual with autism. The conference which included business managers as well as psychology professionals was held at the International Forum in Tokyo as part of an annual event that raises awareness regarding autism and discusses ways to improve the life quality and conditions of those affected by it.

The conference focused on encouraging growth in employment opportunities for individuals suffering from a wide range of conditions within the autism spectrum which is considered to affect up 1 per cent of the entire world populace. Another estimate suggests that up to 85% of adults with such conditions have no occupation or are underemployed. Mr. Gotch emphasized that it makes perfect business sense to make use of all available talent regardless of their disabilities and underscored Ephraim Global’ stance on developing a diverse workforce to achieve its objectives and full potential.

“I am honored to take part in a relevant discussion on autism and the disregarded pool of talent of individual with unique strengths and abilities. When you get down to it autism is nothing more than a another type of difference and at Ephraim Global we are dedicated to supporting all differences within our workforce by promoting a culture of inclusion which enables our workers to properly accommodate and integrate within their roles, success and help sustain our development” said Mr. Gotch.

At the beginning of the year Ephraim Global partnered with a number of charitable organizations dedicated to assisting people with intellectual and various developmental disorders in an attempt to help functional individuals with autism find a suitable occupation. The result was a pilot-program which employed 20 part-time data analysts in Ephraim Global’ corporate headquarters in Tokyo for three months, where they processed and analyzed a number of employee-submitted data reports. The program proved that individuals with autism spectrum disabilities are capable of learning, growing and prospering in a data analysis environment.

“We are pleased with the program’s results and also with the experience we have gained” said Tatsuo Kurosawa, interim HR Director at Ephraim Global. “What this has proven is that individuals with autism can, by all rights, enjoy a dynamic, rewarding and fulfilling employment. Considering the outcome, we are actively discussing methods of expanding the program with more job opportunities in 2016”.

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