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Epstein Technologies Announces Launch of Revolutionary New Corporate Training Programs

Epstein Technologies Announces Launch of Revolutionary New Corporate Training Programs

Longmont, Colorado – In today’s ever changing marketplace the ability for an organization to adapt and move with the times is critical to CEO’s and business leaders. Today’s corporations require that leaders model and encourage the skills required to optimize dynamic rapid change. Now there are new solutions geared to such optimization in the form of (r)evolutionary corporate programs offered through Epstein Technologies.

Epstein Technologies has recently announced the launch of their new Corporate Training Programs. Focused on helping organizations become more adaptable to successfully negotiate the boundary and balance between stability and directed instability, these business offerings are invaluable assets in today’s unprecedented times.

“This is an unparalleled opportunity for organizations and corporations to discover new strategies to be more competitive in the constantly moving and always more demanding marketplace,” commented Cheryl Cran, Epstein Technologies Corporate Program Director and globally known change leadership expert. “These never before offered programs are assisting leaders and their teams to find greater human resourcefulness, and empowering them to be more engaged in their jobs in a sustainable way.”

The Corporate Training Programs are based on the technologies developed by Epstein Technologies founder Dr. Donald Epstein. The programs revolve around technologies that have been proven again and again as being the cutting edge of human energy efficiency and development. For over thirty years, they have brought huge value to hundreds of thousands of people around the world

The programs offered include: How to Reorganize VS Restore an Organization’s Culture – A Human Resourcefulness Program; Energetic States – The Secret to Productivity and Performance in the Workplace; Successful Business From The Inside and Out – External and Internal; and How to Motivate and Engage Employees In Times of Change… By Reorganizing.

Dr. Donald Epstein, remarked, “It is wonderful to see how these technologies, which were first researched to show upgrade-ability in the human nervous system, are today profoundly impacting companies. More then ever before, corporations and their most important resource, people, need innovative strategies to realize their corporate vision. The Epstein Technologies Corporate Programs further enable employees to develop greater synergy, creativity, enhance productivity and to experience greater fulfillment. ”

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About Epstein Technologies, LLC

Epstein Technologies, LLC represents the revolutionary human and organizational transformational technologies that create profound and sustainable change developed by Dr. Donny Epstein during more then 3 decades of work with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. For more information on the Epstein Technologies visit

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