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Equinety: “For the Life of your horse…”

Equinety: “For the Life of your horse…”

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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada – It was announced earlier this month that ‘Equinety Horse XL’ would be the sponsors of the opening night, “Fortnight” at Wellington in Florida. The annual event – held by Equine Canada – runs during the most prestigious annual horse shows and events in North America.

It was a large crowd and company President, John Dowdy, when asked by a participant at the event, said he was “humbled by such an overwhelming response”.

Equinety is one of the premiere international health, wellness, nutrition and performance management companies in the world. Longevity, optimal health, enhanced physical performance, accelerated body wellness are the mission for pets and horses alike.

Attendees were invited to join Mr Dowdy and the Equinety team to watch a short presentation from the Canadian Strength and Mental Conditioning Coach to the Athletes, Dirk Stroda – ‘The Power of the Mind’. This will be followed up with a second presentation – ‘Life begins with a Cell’abration!’ by world renowned, best selling author, Dr. Philip White.

When asked about the evening’s festivities, Mr Dowdy replied, “Both Dirk and Dr. White are the best in the world in their fields and we are honoured and excited to have them both on the same night for all to see and hear!” John Dowdy went on to explain that the company’s mission was, “To improve the quality of lives of people and animals all over the world by providing optimal health, longevity, superior wellness and enhanced performance through exclusive and patented nutritional supplements that are the highest-quality products in the industry, as well as through a fund that is to be started with a percentage of proceeds from every sale of Equinety’s HorseXL going directly to support amateur athletes and athletics.”

Equinety HorseXL control, create and market their own proprietary line of one-of-a-kind, distinguished products based on decades of research and medical/veterinary science. These products have been embraced and endorsed by professional athletes, Olympic athletes, amateur athletes and people and horses around the world. The company’s flagship product, Equinety HorseXL is protected by an international Patent. More information can be found at

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