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USA – Everycloud Technologies Limited, a USA based cloud protection service provider registered in the UK as EveryCloud Antispam Limited, recently introduced a bevy of email protection and endpoint protection services. The owners hashed out that these services are primarily aimed at business users on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond that. The data security experts associated with, the official website of the company for its USA operations, recently expressed that they are now capable of providing end-to-end data security and spam filtering services to business owners across the world.

Email spam has been one of the major security threats that businesses all around the world are concerned about. Data security auditors believe that no system is impregnable and that cloud data is even more exposed to common security threats. is now offering complete cloud email protection to business owners. According to the owners of the firm, their state-of-the-art email defence mechanism can successfully thwart at least 99.99% of spam emails, viruses and malware programs. A highly rated data security vendor and a trusted name among business owners across the world, Everycloud’s email protection service is now being used by over 300,000 users. “With 5 star reviews at Spiceworks the industry’s go to place for reviews, used by 6 million IT professionals, this has fuelled the massive growth of EveryCloud”, said a senior IT coordinator of in a recent press meet.

Business owners are often bombarded with unwanted and spam emails from numerous sources as their email IDs are often easily available in the public domain. Besides, malicious programs which get auto-downloaded with other programs cause nuisance to the business owners who want to find the data they are looking for quickly and effortlessly. owners have claimed that their cloud data protection services are scalable as they send spam filtering reports to users and are highly effective. “We know users find it often too difficult to block unwanted emails , though it’s almost a precondition for data protection and seamless networking and computing. Our email protection services are free to try for the first month and many of the users are actually upgrading to the paid version within days of using the free trial”, said the Graham O’Reilly, CEO of the company.

About the Company is a cloud data protection service provider having its offices in both the USA and the UK.

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