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Express Catering Offers Top Notch Mobile Catering Solutions To Events, Businesses And Organizations

Express Catering Offers Top Notch Mobile Catering Solutions To Events, Businesses And Organizations

24, February 2017: Express Catering launched their official website in order to offer mobile catering solutions to businesses, events and organizations across the United Kingdom. Caterer London specialists are dedicated to offer top notch services to their valued customers and they promise to bring only the best for everyone.

Express Catering is a family operated and owned business headquartered in the city of London in the United Kingdom that provides UK coverage high quality outside catering hire. When the occasion needs a hundred units or simply one, their corporate caterers will present similar specialized attention to detail to make sure of a smoothing running of an event. This company has been committed to providing exceptional service as one of the standards across their duration in the industry and their knowledgeable group excelled in all hygiene and health practices.

They specialize in outdoor events, and they are a specialist in outdoor catering and with their years of experience, they can excel within the field and stand out from the rest. They also specialize in on-site kitchens as they offer onsite kitchen for all events. Their kitchens are fully equipped according to the highest standards, attaining maximum output while sustaining excellent hygiene standards. They are also a specialist in civil infrastructure catering. From thousands of meals to catering for a small event, rest assured that Express Catering will always be available to give their clients the best services they need. They are fully compliant and will be capable of operating 24 hours every day when needed. Besides, Express Catering is also offering emergency catering services. They are experts in emergency catering experts and in 2014, they were able to provide emergency catering at five railway stations all over the United Kingdom with just 24 hours.

With all of these things, Express Catering has been regarded as a reliable service provider when it comes to catering needs in the city of London. They are inviting everyone to visit their official website to learn more about their services and their team.

Express Catering is one of the most dependable service providers in London that provides mobile catering solutions intended for various occasions and events to organizations and businesses. They are a family owned and managed business providing UK coverage high quality event catering services.

To learn more about Express Catering, please visit their website or contact via phone.

For Media Contact:
Company: Express Catering
Address: London, UK
Telephone Number: 0800 612 4172 / 0203 195 3827
Email: info@expresscatering.biz
Website: http://www.mobilecatering.biz/

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