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Canada – is a brainchild of Lannette Inouye, a British Columbia resident who has taken interest in art and artworks since her formative years. The website now serves as a meeting place of art connoisseurs and budding artists. In Lannette’s own words, anybody who takes interest in art can use the platform to express their creative zeal. On the other hand, people who look for art therapy to find new directions in their life can also get useful guidance, ideas, and contact details of art therapists and related products and services by visiting They can also subscribe to art news letter to stay updated about art therapy. Lannette, a prolific artist herself, has indicated that the site and the business entity behind the online platform have adopted an eleemosynary approach. According to her, her business will work towards inculcating the value of art in learners and enthusiasts. has already partnered with some of the most promising contemporary artists from around the world. Anybody who has got talent can use this site to showcase their best of artworks to the world. From this year only, has started featuring artists extraordinaire every month. artists from everywhere can join their community on site and have a chance to meet art connoisseurs and prospective buyers.  Lannette, the founder member of the open-to-all artist gallery and meeting place, is also considering a ‘Features Crafter’ section in her website. It has already been announced on the site that the section will be added very soon. New artist search feature has already been incorporated. Lannette has confirmed that artists and crafters need not to spend a single penny to get featured on her website.

For art enthusiasts and eager learners, offers art for sale online and online art courses. The owners believe that these courses and workshops will open many doors of possibilities to the art learners from all over the world.

“We wanted to provide a common platform for everyone who has been involved or wishes to be involved in the contemporary art and craft movement. We aim at taking art closer to lives of the common people. There’s so much to art than just aesthetics and abstraction. We welcome everyone who wishes to participate in this ongoing art movement”, said Lannette during an informal press meet held recently.

About the Company is an online art gallery featuring top artists, most promising artists and crafters.

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Lannette Inouye
309-443 Superior Street,
Victoria, BC Canada, V8V4S7

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