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Fabrik Publishes an Infographic about Creating the Perfect Logo Design

Fabrik Publishes an Infographic about Creating the Perfect Logo Design

London, October 14, 2016 — One of London’s most trusted and popular specialist creative design agencies – Fabrik, has recently published an infographic about creating the perfect logo design. The aim? To simplify the complex procedure of designing a logo, into 12 easy steps.

“Logo, a four letter word that can kick off any new business owner’s worst nightmare. This is entirely understandable because although technology has widely developed and creative designing is now not as complex as before, they still need to keep their business running. Their anxieties surrounding the all important logo design is not helped by design companies current processes. But, we have great news, by following 12 simple steps you can ensure the process is stress-free, efficient and enjoyable. That is why we have published the infographic – Creating the Perfect Logo Design. This infographic summarizes the whole ‘complex’ logo designing procedure in 12 step steps – so you can design your own logo without any hassle.” Stated by a spokesperson from Fabrik, while talking about their recently published infographic.

According to Fabrik, the expert Logo Design Agency, the 1st step is to a perfect logo design is – Start with a strategy, 2nd – Give it some meaning, 3rd – Explore different marks, 4th Consider the bigger picture, 5th – how the mind works, 6th – Generate lots of ideas, 7th – Check out the competition, 8th – Stretch your logo design, 9th – judge your shortlist properly, 10th – Listen to feedback, 11th – Refine, and finally, 12th – Create master artwork. All of these 12 simple steps are well explained in the infographic; so, after reading all the 12 steps thoroughly, one would most probably be able to design an expert logo without spending any money.

“New businesses are usually struggling with their financial issues, so saving on whatever possible is a great idea. Hence, if you choose to save on an logo design and study our recently published infographic carefully you yourself can expertly design your very own logo successfully, effectively and economically ”. Stated by a spokesperson from Fabrik.
For more information and a link to the ‘Creating the Perfect Logo Design’ infographic, please go to

About: Fabrik is one of London’s most recommended, trusted and popular creative design agency that specializes in brand strategy, branding, naming, visual identity, campaigns, and digital communications. They are widely known for applying strategic and creative thinking to brand communications and identities, helping build brands and shape reputations. For more information, please go to

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