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FAM Offers Cash Advance as the Alternative to Small Business Loans

FAM Offers Cash Advance as the Alternative to Small Business Loans

FAM is offering merchants a merchant cash advance as an alternative to the traditional small business loan.

Los Angeles, California, APR 13, 2016 — First American Merchant’s (FAM) cash advance has quickly become its most popular financing option. A common misconception is that a merchant cash advance is a short term loan, or a high interest advance. In actuality, a cash advance is simply a sale. A cash advance entails FAM purchasing the merchant’s future sales at a discount; the amount of sales being purchased and at what discounted cost is agreed upon by both parties.

When trying to secure a small business loan with a bank, merchants experience strict credit requirements, long wait times, extensive documentation and complicated contracts. In contrast, a cash advance with FAM is simple, fast and hassle-free. Merchants with credit scores below 500 are approved, and no tax returns or financials are required. The programs are flexible, and funds are available within 72 hours from application – sometimes even sooner.

The benefits of a cash advance with First American Merchant include high approval rates and easy renewals. Because FAM’s cash advance approval is based on business performance rather than personal credit, time in business or financials, merchants can expect high approval rates. Once a merchant has been approved, the advance can be renewed when 50% of the balance has been paid down. With no fixed monthly payment, merchants can expect a simple “no hassle” payback experience.

According to the specialist at FAM, “With a merchant cash advance, we get paid when you get paid. Our payment is a percentage of your daily sales, so if you have a slow month you are paying back less, if you have a good month, you are paying back more.”

“Business is changing, and we’re thinking of new and interesting ways in which we can help put you at the forefront of that change.”

Located in Los Angeles, CA, First American Merchant Funding (FAM) boasts a large network of agents and numerous payment gateway options. Focused on “financing the American dream”, FAM is proud to offer the services of a full support staff and robust financing options to a broad range of industries. FAM has one of the best approval rates in the business, and specializes in working with business’ considered to be “high risk”.

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