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FanART Games Soft-Launches Yammix: Bubble Smash

FanART Games Soft-Launches Yammix: Bubble Smash

FanART Games soft-launches Yammix: Bubble Smash, the first game released from the partnership between FanART Games (Finland/UK) and BigUP Games (Ukraine). Bubble Smash is the first game of the thematic series which will present the Yammix world to kids and adults.

Oulu, Finland, July 20, 2016 — Yammix is a sweet candy world, which is populated with different candy-themed creatures. The characters are colorful, friendly and just so cute. These characters will present, in a line of games, different stories and activities directed to families and friends. The series will also include story-based animations and merchandise.

In Yammix: Bubble Smash, the players are presented with challenging activities. It is intense entertainment, where the players pop the bright bubbles, collect donuts and, by doing so, get a chance of saving sweet Yammix world from the dangerous thorns.

The game offers everything that mobile players would expect and love: simple and easy to learn gameplay, but in an interesting and dynamic environment, sometimes highly challenging, which pulls the players to it instantly.

The game presents many non-recurring levels with the unbelievable variations of boosters and obstacles, providing the right recipe against boredom. The design is immersive and the game is very well balanced, providing the best experience.

So much so, that the developers are confident to challenge the world: “Test your agility. Can you collect all the stars in each level? How about endurance? How long can you hold on in the arcade mode?”

In July 2016, the game is available in Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, Israel, Argentina and New Zealand. From August 2016, the game will be available worldwide, both for Android and iOS devices.

Download Yammix: Bubble Smash and become the bubble popping champion!”
The game is available in Google Play at the link:


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