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Ferrera’s S&P 500 Forecast for 2017 Identifies the Major Entry and Exit Dates

Ferrera’s S&P 500 Forecast for 2017 Identifies the Major Entry and Exit Dates

Daniel T. Ferrera’s tenth annual “Ferrera Outlook for 2017,” forecasts the economic trends for the year based on the S&P 500 Index. Each of his annual forecasts provides rich educational content for aspiring market forecasters and investors.

Santa Barbara, CA, United States, January 20, 2017 — Today, the Sacred Science Institute announced publication of the “Outlook for 2017.” In this, the tenth annual Outlook, Daniel T. Ferrera again applies his cyclical analysis to the S&P 500. His work draws on and extends the work of the great market master of the 20th century, W. D. Gann. These forecasts enable investors to reap profits based on the forecasted entry and exit dates in the S&P 500.

His forecast for 2016 called for the unexpected and that proved to be the case. He forecasted a high in December of 2015 (first red arrow in chart below) at 2104. In the 2016 Outlook, subscribers were alerted to the mid-February low (black arrow in chart below). Prices fell from to the February low of 1810. Prices then rebounded to 2111 in late April as Ferrera forecasted in the 2016 Outlook. See this link for chart reviews of Ferrera’s key forecasted points throughout 2015 and 2016.

Following the Brexit vote, prices hit a sharp low in late June at 1991. Ferrera’s readers were informed that the market was forming a short-term bottom. He then forewarned readers, “September 6th to 9th would see powerful selling.” In fact, prices on the S&P 500 made a top on September 7 at 2187. Ferrera sent readers the following Gann Channel chart ahead of time. He advised subscribers that the declines from September to November 2 might indicate a Trump election upset. Prior to November 2, he identified the bottom in early November. Notice that he generously provided the next market turn in mid-January 2017. Ferrera produced this forecast for the year and published it in his “Outlook for 2016.”

Ferrera’s goal for subscribers remains the same. Preserve subscribers’ capital and identify primary market swings. Subscribers also receive periodic updates of his recommendations throughout the year. When he issues an update, it is thorough. It contains the date of a market turn, price level, trend channels, and technical analysis.

About Daniel T. Ferrera:
Since 1998, Daniel T. Ferrera has been a featured writer in Traders World Magazine and is one of the country’s most highly respected experts on W.D. Gann. He is also the author of eleven related books on the subject of trading, market cycles, W.D. Gann and The Square of Nine. His most recent book is The Path of Least Resistance, The Textbook of Gann Analysis. Ferrera’s masterful new textbook provides a comprehensive elaboration of W.D. Gann’s most powerful technical trading tools. With great precision, he presents all of Gann’s core mathematical and geometrical techniques. Ferrera makes Gann’s techniques understandable. For Gann students, this results in the ability to clearly identify profitable trade setups, critical trend indications, and price/time endings. To learn more, visit

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