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China –, a well-known supplier of fiber optic tools, recently launched a vast range of cleaning tools. Nestled in China, the company aims to capture and dominate the Asia-Pacific market as well as compete with the world’s biggest companies in this sector. The company owners recently announced that the fiber optic cleaning tools that they have added are enterprise preferred and thoroughly quality checked. The inventory enlargement is a part of the company’s business expansion plan. is the trading and online retail division of Syoptek International, a large corporation that was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in 2005. Since its inception, Syoptek International has been serving the fiber optic industry in China with highest-quality materials, superb customer service and compliance with Chinese and international standards pertaining to fiber optic products. The company has always placed technological innovation and customer service atop everything else. Being a multi-award winning supplier of fiber optic cleaning tools, the management recently decided to expand its inventory of one click cleaner , fiber optic inspection kit and other products. However, the owners also mentioned that they have a rigorous quality control system in place and no product gets past the quality check before they are added to inventory.

“For years, has been in the forefront of the fiber optic industry in China and neighboring countries. While serving local clients in Asia Pacific region still remains our priority, we want to foray into new markets, especially in Europe and the Americas. We know that we have to face the neck and neck competition in the overseas market but we are prepared in all manners to capture the market. Quality of our products will work as a leverage point for our growth”, predicted the owner of the firm very recently.

One senior marketing executive revealed that is now offering free shipping to 230 countries including major European countries. He also added that fiber optic inspection probe and a few other products are delivered free of charge to Chinese and overseas clients. “We are looking to become a truly multinational organization within third quarter of 2015”, he told the local press.

About the Company is a division of leading Chinese manufacturer of fiber optic tools and toolkits.

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