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Fil Press Release: A PR site for Millennial Audience in Philippines

Fil Press Release: A PR site for Millennial Audience in Philippines

Where You Go For Press Releases With Social Media Integration.

Philippines, October 22, 2016 — Fil Press Release is the latest press release company in the Philippines, and it was founded to make a difference in the press release world. The world is full of press release companies but very few of them are trying anything new. Fil Press Release is something new, a PR site for millennials.

Press release distribution is one of the hardest parts of press release creation and finding the right company to submit one is hard. Fil Press Release has been spending time building connections with various media outlets to create a database of distribution information. This makes distribution smoother and faster.

A new aspect to the press release world is social media integration. When Fil Press Release creates a new press release, or distributes one, it is posted to social media pages for Fil Press Release. This allows for media outlets that aren’t receiving the press release to discover it. It also provides a place for news agencies to find some of the most cutting edge Filipino and world news. Currently, Twitter and Facebook have been chosen for Fil Press Release posting. Both services provide the proper fit for press release distribution.

Fil Press Release plans to continue to expand ventures into social media integration as new social media platforms evolve and promises to stay on top of the industry to better serve customers. This is how they believe that a company should work, to make a difference in the industry.

Utilizing the power of blogging technology Fil Press Release has also implemented a Press Release How To Blog. On this blog users can find information about every aspect of press release drafting, creation, and distribution. That way visitors have the informed option of creating their own press release and having Fil Press Release help them with the process.

Fil Press Release’s blog and social media pages are live and anyone interested can visit them The Fil Press Release website and services can help customers whether they are a startup, small business, or even a large business. The target audience will be Filipino but distribution will not be limited to one part of the world. Customers will be able to request media outlets for their press releases to be sent to and Fil Press Release will do the work of submitting the press releases.

Baloydi Lloydi
Fil Press Release
Daro, Dumaguete City
Philippines, 6200
Tel: 035-424-8815 and

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