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Find Automated Garage Modules in Northriding

Find Automated Garage Modules in Northriding

Garage Doors are a huge necessity of our time. Apart from preventing theft and sabotage of vehicles, it provides for a shadow above the car to shield it from the wear and tear brought on by weather. In this regard, there are few garage door manufacturers which can rival Fourways Garage Doors, which deals in garage doors and accessories. There are mainly four digi garage door modules into which the garage door motors at Fourways can be divided—The Digi I Motor, the Digi II Motor, Digi III Motor and the Digi IQ Motor. Of them, the first one has a lifting capacity of 1000N, comes with 2x Digi ekey transmitters (fitted with Keeloq code hopping technology), an electronic obstacle sensor and manual override. Digi II or Digidoor is famous because of its state-of-the-art technology and the ability to turn any kind of garage door into a remote-controlled entity.

The third, Digi III, is a 24V AC-DC garage door operator which is provided with electrical back-up. Posses Keeloq Technology Status Indicator, Audible Alert Wall Console and an auto-close mode with a 60-Watt security light. The last one, Digi IQ Motor, combines all the benefits of Mode III with a durable motor, a durable gearbox and an incredible ability to open up any standard garage door within a time-frame of twelve seconds. It is also empowered with intelligent lock provisions to add to the security of the garage.

Apart from garage door lock motors, Fourways Garage Doors provides a host of garage doors and garage accessories such as Composite hinge, Composite curve, Digi remote, Nails, Standard Receivers, Wooden RFP Standard Doors, Steel RFP Sectional Doors, Rustic Bark Roll up doors and many more.

Fourways Garage Doors offer a range of sophisticated garage solutions, which include garage doors with automated operation and battery back-up. Each of the door installations are done by the most skilled workmen and supervised by the owner of the garage. They are available even on weekends and public holidays when it comes to emergency services such as garage door repair, part replacement, servicing etc. They are able to source any kind or door (in terms of colour, design and material) as specified by the customer’s request. To know more log on to:

Fourways Garage Doors offer a range of automated garage door solutions. It is situated in Northriding, South Africa.

10 Monterrey,
Montrose Avenue,
Northriding, 2162
Tel:  011-022-2207
Cell: 078-637-6448

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