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Find the Perfect Place to Live in Indonesia

Find the Perfect Place to Live in Indonesia

New property rental and share accommodation website opens early access.

Jakarta, Indonesia, November 14, 2016 — Hidup.co.id, a new property rental and share accommodation website opens early access for everyone in multiple provinces and cities within Indonesia. Shared accommodation providers, real estate agents, property managers, private landlords, developers, educational institutions, guest house and boarding house owners, who wish to promote their property in an ever-growing database of quality tenants can advertise their property today for free. As for renters, they are also able to get an early notification email when the website is launched in December 4, 2016.

There are multiple benefits for agents, property managers and home owners/investors include exposure to renters countrywide, the ability to receive inquiries and messages for quick and direct communication, the ability to view analytics of each of their advertised listings, and above all, the opportunity to get more income sooner.
“It has not only been created for the renter to be able to find properties to rent or share, but it has also been developed for owners and property managers to advertise and lease property, in the most simplest and quickest way possible,” stated Steven Ungermann, founder of Hidup.co.id.

Hidup.co.id offers numerous resources to assist people in every stage of the process from moving in, to even styling their new home. It supports and guides individuals throughout the process with its free and expansive resources, ultimately setting the property portal apart from its competitors. Hidup.co.id has been specifically designed to assist individuals in finding their dream rental location to complement the Indonesian lifestyle from major cities, such as Jakarta, to smaller cities.

The Founder, Steven, found that many people still need rental property or shared accommodation to live, as a result of a decline in the level of property sales in Indonesia. For that reason, Hidup was born. “The name ‘Hidup’ was derived from the company’s goal, to help Indonesian people find their dream rental property so they can live the life they desire,” said Steven.

The start-up company with eight team members also believes on the remote working culture. It embraces the way people work independently and collaborate effectively, from anywhere their desk might be. “We run as a remote team, distributed between Indonesia and Australia. Behind me, I have passionate, talented and creative-minded team on board, to grow together with Hidup,” added Steven.

Sign up for an early access on www.hidup.co.id and win Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, Bali & Lombok Tour Package, and Canon Pocket Camera. You will also get tailored recommendations, exclusive updates, and deals. For more information about the website, send your email to info@hidup.co.id. Connect and share your story with Hidup.co.id on social media.

About the Founder:
Steven Ungermann has a background in property development with prior experiences in the delivery and marketing of residential and commercial projects. He has built several online and service-based businesses directing digital, photography, real estate, and advertising campaigns for various clients within the property industry. With a great passion for property, he holds two Bachelor Degrees in Property Economics and Science. He is also an active member of the Australia Indonesia Business Council.

His family moved from Indonesia to Australia in the 1950s and he has always been proud of his Indonesian-heritage. Founding Hidup.co.id was one way for him to connect with his Indonesian roots and establish a new link from Australia to Indonesia.

Steven Ungermann
706/25 Duncan Street, West End,
QLD Australia 4101
+61 407 288 093


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